The strategic objective of Swire Coca-Cola is to build a world-class bottling system which is recognised as a first class employer, a first class entity with which to do business and a first class corporate citizen in all territories where it does business. The strategies employed in order to achieve this objective are:

  • An uncompromising commitment to safety and quality.
  • A commitment to work with TCCC to improve our understanding of our customers’ businesses, and to use that understanding to create value for our customers and consumers.
  • A focus on route to market and market execution in sales outlets, recognising that our business depends critically on selling to millions of consumers through such outlets in our franchise territories.
  • Effective revenue growth management, through optimisation of pricing, product and channel mix, product premiumisation and innovation.
  • Effective management of costs, through improvements in productivity and efficiency in our supply chain and in sales and distribution.
  • A commitment to sustainability, by seeking to reduce the environmental impact of our operations, with a particular focus on water conservation and waste reduction and by engaging with the communities in which we operate.