The strategic objective of the Trading & Industrial Division is (after a period of divestment) to develop its core businesses. The strategies employed in order to achieve this objective are these:

  • Strengthening the capability of Swire Resources in branded footwear, apparel and related accessories by expanding the range and quality of those branded goods.
  • Opening new stores for key brands sold by Swire Resources in Hong Kong and Macau.
  • Strengthening the capability of Taikoo Motors in the import and distribution of motor vehicles, including by selective additions to brands represented.
  • Using Taikoo Motors’ existing capability in order to expand into other motor-related businesses.
  • Expanding the distribution network of Taikoo Sugar in Mainland China.
  • Strengthening Qinyuan Bakery by increasing the range of its products and the number of its stores.
  • Increasing the number of waste management contracts awarded to Swire Waste Management.