Directors and Officers(Latest update: 01 November 2018)

Non-Executive Directors

Cubbon, Martin, aged 61, has been a Director of the Company since November 2018. He is also a Director of John Swire & Sons Limited. He was employed by the Swire group from 1986 until his retirement in September 2017. He was a Director of the Company from September 1998 to September 2017.

Swire, Samuel Compton, aged 38, has been a Director of the Company since January 2015. He is also a Director and shareholder of John Swire & Sons Limited and a Director of Cathay Pacific Airways Limited. He joined the Swire group in 2003 and has worked with the group in Hong Kong, Singapore, Mainland China, Sri Lanka and London. He is brother to M B Swire, Chairman of the Company.

1. The Audit Committee comprises P K Etchells (committee chairman), C Lee and G R H Orr.
2. The Remuneration Committee comprises C Lee (committee chairman), R W M Lee and S C Swire.
3. All the Executive Directors, M Cubbon and S C Swire are employees of the John Swire & Sons Limited group.