Annual Report 2014
Revenue by Area
Non-current Assets by Area*
Employee Numbers by Area
Group – Movement in Underlying Profit
Property Division – Movement in Underlying Profit
Aviation Division – Movement in Underlying Profit
Beverages Division – Movement in Underlying Profit
Marine Services Division – Movement in Underlying Profit
Trading & Industrial Division – Movement in Underlying Profit
Employee Numbers by Division
GHG Emissions
Energy Consumed
Water Consumed
Lost Time Injury Rate
Expenditure on Community Programmes
Employee Compensation*
Profit Attributable to the Company’s Shareholders
Net Assets Employed
Total Equity and Net Debt
Earnings and Dividends Per ‘A’ Share
Returns on Average Equity*
Equity Attributable to Company’s Shareholders and Market Capitalisation at Year-end
Swire Pacific Share Price Relative to Hang Seng Index
GHG Emissions
Energy Consumption
Water Consumption
Lost Time Injury Rate
Valuation of Investment Properties
Gross Rental Income
Underlying Operating Profit
Completed Property Investment Portfolio
Movement in Investment Properties
Hong Kong Lease Expiry Profile – at 31st December 2014
Completed Property Investment Portfolio
Capacity – Available Seat Kilometres and Available Tonne Kilometres
Passenger Services Load Factor and Yield
Cargo Services Load Factor and Yield
Fuel Price and Consumption
HAECO Group – Movement in Attributable Profit
HAECO Group – Key Operating Highlights
Sales Volume
Breakdown of Total Volume by Category
Breakdown of Total Volume by Channel
Capital Expenditure by Operation
SPO – Average Utilisation Rates
SPO – Charter Hire Revenue by Vessel Class
SPO – Fleet Size and Average Age of Vessels*
SPO – Lost Time Injury Rate
GHG Emissions by Division
GHG Emissions
Water Efficiency at Swire Beverages
Water Consumption by Division
Waste Disposed by Division
Waste Recycled by Division
Lost Time Injury Rate
Lost Day Rate
Employee Numbers by Region
Revenue by Category
Operating Profit by Division
Profit Attributable to the Company's Shareholders by Division
Total Assets by Category
Cash Generated from Operations by Division
Total Available Committed Facilities by Maturity at 31st December 2014
Underlying Interest Cover
Gearing Ratio