Annual Report 2014

Managing for the Long Term

Swire does not view sustainability as a cost, but as an opportunity for innovation, growth and improved efficiency. Sustainable development is a key strategic objective because it helps to create long-term value for our shareholders.

It does this by safeguarding natural resources, supporting the communities in which we operate, concentrating on health and safety and our staff and their well-being (and that of others with whom we engage) and encouraging our suppliers to maintain sustainability standards similar to our own.   

The sustainability material in the annual report has been prepared in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative's GRI G4 reporting guidelines at the core level. For further information, please refer to the Swire Pacific GRI reporting methodology which can be found here.

Environment - 2014 Highlights
Greenhouse gas emissions

Water consumption

Environment - 2014 Highlights
Cathay Pacific –
GHG emissions per ATK

576 grammes of CO2e
-2% versus 2013
Swire Beverages –
Water Use Ratio

+1% versus 2013
Cathay Pacific aims to achieve a 2% per annum improvement in fuel efficiency up to 2020 and thereafter to achieve carbon neutral growth.
Swire Properties aims to reduce electricity consumption by 52 million kWh per year by 2020, representing approximately 20% of current energy consumption.

Swire Pacific's objective is to minimise the adverse consequences of its impact on the environment, concentrating on greenhouse gas emissions, water and waste. The objective is consistent with our approach to long-term sustainable business development. To help us get there, we are improving efficiency, innovating and investing.

Health & Safety
Health & Safety - 2014 Highlights
Lost Time Injury Rate


Health & Safety - Swire Pacific Occupational Health and Safety ("OH&S") Policy

The health and safety of our staff and those with whom we engage is of critical importance. We aim to continually improve our management of health and safety with a view to causing zero harm. We concentrate on training, learning and transparent reporting.

Staff - 2014 Highlights

versus 2013

versus 2013
Average training hours
versus 2013
Staff - 2014 Highlights
Ethos International

Ethos International ("Ethos"), Swire's in-house leadership development company, provides training for promising staff. In 2014, Ethos reviewed its curriculum with support from INSEAD, Forum for the Future and the London Business School. The aim was to ensure that key training needs are met and that training inspires, enables and equips staff to focus on sustainable business growth.

We recognise that our success depends critically on our staff. We try to be an employer of choice by providing an environment in which all employees are treated fairly and with respect. We want talented individuals to want to work for us. We try to recruit the best people, to offer competitive remuneration and benefits and to provide training to enable staff to realise their potential.

Working With Others
Working With Others - Supply chain by division
Swire Properties' principal suppliers are engaged to perform or assist in the planning, design, construction, marketing, sale, leasing, management, maintenance and demolition of properties.
The principal suppliers to our airlines are manufacturers of aircraft and engines and suppliers of fuel and engineering services.
Supplies obtained by the beverages division directly from The Coca-Cola Company include juices, concentrates and other ingredients, fountain packaging and advertising materials. Things which The Coca-Cola Company authorises third parties to supply to the beverages division include packaging, speciality merchandise, sales and marketing equipment, sweeteners and carbon dioxide.
The principal suppliers to Swire Pacific Offshore and Hong Kong United Dockyards are shipyards, engine manufacturers and suppliers of fuel.
The principal suppliers of footwear and apparel to Swire Resources and of vehicles to Taikoo Motors are international brand-owning companies with their own sustainability policies and standards.
Working With Others

In 2014, Swire Properties made available 20,000 square feet of space at Cornwall House for its blueprint accelerator programme, under which Swire Properties is providing B2B tech start ups with workspace, mentorship and professional support.

By working with suppliers, customers and consumers, we aim to encourage and influence the adoption and improvement of sustainable practices in the industries and places in which we operate.