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For Immediate Release 24 April 2020

Swire Properties Publishes First-Ever
"Places Impact Report" On Island East

Study creates customised framework
to define what makes a great place

HONG KONG (24 April 2020) – Swire Properties officially published "The Creative Transformation of Island East and Development of Taikoo Place" Impact Report today, a study that explores the factors that make a great place, while offering insights on the growing importance of placemaking.

Central to the report is the "Places Impact Framework", a tool that assesses the quality of a place based on selected criteria, which interact on multiple levels. This includes investment into both hardware – such as infrastructure and public spaces, as well as software – such as community engagement and social initiatives.

The report showcases how Island East is a truly unique ‘place' with specific characteristics as defined by the Framework's "four evaluating dimensions": Livelihood, Vibrancy, Wellbeing and Resilience. These elements reflect Island East's ‘personality' from an economic, social and environmental perspective; and illustrates its impact as a place that is economically diverse, highly-livable and resilient.

Don Taylor, Director, Office at Swire Properties, said, "As we continue to face the challenges presented by the COVID-19 outbreak, it's more important than ever to understand how a place impacts people and the city, so we can better plan placemaking strategies to improve our local communities' wellbeing."

"Swire has been a driving force behind the creative transformation of Island East for the past 135 years, and this study allows us to assess how Taikoo Place, as an integral part of this community, has contributed to its evolution from an industrial site to one of the city's most distinctive urban areas. Moving forward, the ‘Places Impact Framework' will be an effective tool to continually bring positive change to the areas in which we operate. We also hope this Framework can serve as a basis for the property industry to build upon."

This study is part of the Company's Sustainable Development (SD) 2030 Strategy, which aims to integrate SD into every facet of its business. Placemaking is at the heart of the Strategy, and the goal is to ultimately improve the lives of residents, workers, visitors and communities.

"The Creative Transformation of Island East and Development of Taikoo Place" Impact Report was created in partnership with Professor Alain JF Chiaradia, Associate Professor of The University of Hong Kong, Faculty of Architecture, Department of Urban Planning and Design*; and Fiona Waters, Managing Director, Waters Economics Ltd., a Hong Kong-based Economics and Urban Development Consultancy, and Adjunct Associate Professor, The University of Hong Kong, Faculty of Architecture, Department of Urban Planning and Design*.

The full report is available on Swire Properties' website.

*This report reflects the views of Swire Properties. The use of "The University of Hong Kong | FoA | DUPAD" does not imply the University's endorsement of or responsibility for the particular activity, product, or publication involved.


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