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For Immediate Release 9 July 2020

Swire Properties Named
Hong Kong's Most Attractive Employer

9 July 2020, HONG KONG - Swire Properties has been voted Hong Kong's Most Attractive Employer according to the 2020 Randstad Employer Brand Research, solidifying its reputation as one of the city's most sought-after places to work. The developer has been in the top three positions for this award since 2017.

Swire Properties topped the list this year, with the survey revealing that the Company ranks high among job seekers for its financial health, strong reputation, job security, career progression, interesting job content and work-life balance. An annual initiative, the Randstad Employer Brand Research identifies the most attractive employers and asks respondents if they're familiar with and would like to work for these organisations.

"We're delighted to be named the Most Attractive Employer as part of the 2020 Randstad Employer Brand Research, which is a nod to our long-term approach of always investing in and putting our people first," said Anna Thompson, Director, Human Resources at Swire Properties.

"Our approach to people goes beyond simply hiring the best or offering attractive remuneration packages. Rather, our work revolves around the Company's Sustainable Development (SD) 2030 Strategy – to create an environment with our colleagues' wellbeing and happiness in mind, coupled with great opportunities, so as to develop a diverse and industry-leading team. Ultimately, it's our people who will help bring our vision of building vibrant communities to life."

"The last few months have been very challenging in HR terms in the face of COVID-19, but our policies have allowed us to react flexibly, keep our colleagues top of mind and still build togetherness," said Thompson.

Over the past few years, Swire Properties has launched initiatives to further enhance its People-centric approach. Highlights include flexible working arrangements such as staggered working hours and sabbaticals. To encourage creativity in the workplace, "ideas@work" – a Company-wide programme, lets colleagues suggest ideas that will improve processes and create better experiences. In the 2020 edition alone, over 900 ideas have been submitted with over 300 approved.


About Swire Properties

Swire Properties develops and manages commercial, retail, hotel and residential properties, with a particular focus on mixed-use developments in prime locations at major mass transportation intersections. Swire Properties is listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong and its investment portfolio in Hong Kong comprises Taikoo Place, Cityplaza and Pacific Place as its core holdings. In addition to Hong Kong, the Company has investments in the Chinese mainland, the United States, Singapore and Jakarta.

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