Performance Review

We recognise that our success depends critically on the quality of the people whom we employ. We work hard to recruit and retain employees and to develop their potential. In 2012, we tried to do some things better and to formalise certain processes.

  • In order to recruit effectively, we need to know what jobs we are recruiting for. We are accordingly analysing the jobs which are done in the Group, considering job descriptions, goals for specific positions and succession planning. The results of the analysis are used to plan and implement our recruitment.


    Under our management trainee programmes, high-calibre graduates are recruited annually to work in our operating companies. The intention is that they should have a long-term career with us. The programme is demanding. Participants are expected to make a contribution from day one, to be flexible (for example by being prepared to move between jobs and countries at short notice), to be open-minded and to be capable of dealing with new challenges. Exposure to different industries and places builds general management skills. Many senior Swire staff began their careers as management trainees.

    Average hours of training per employee

    We spend a great deal of time and money on training and career development. There are graduate programmes, external courses, on-the-job training, internal job rotations, mentoring and secondments outside the Group. Much of our training is technical, designed to help employees develop jobspecific skills. We also offer training in general business skills, particularly leadership.

    Ethos International, a John Swire & Sons company, organises training for promising Swire Pacific staff. It established the Swire Leadership Programme in 2009, the Swire Talent Programme in 2011 and the Leaders for Tomorrow field programme in 2012. The Leaders for Tomorrow programme covered the five aspects of sustainability (environment, health and safety, staff, community involvement and working with others). All our leadership training programmes emphasise sustainability. Participants are encouraged to take a long-term view.

    We send staff on business management and executive programmes at INSEAD and Stanford.

    Cathay Pacific and Dragonair have cadet pilot programmes, providing young Hong Kong people with an opportunity to become pilots. Cabin crew undergo rigorous training and review programmes. Flight crew receive training on simulators.

    HAECO has training programmes which give participants the opportunity to pursue different careers in aircraft maintenance.

    In 2007, in Singapore, SPO established a dedicated marine training centre which provides simulations of different marine environments for different vessels. Training is given in dynamic positioning operations and electrical and control systems engineering.

  • Two way communication is important to staff retention. It helps employees to understand our values and goals and helps our companies to understand the concerns and needs of our employees. We have an intranet, publish newsletters and have staff committees. Our intranet (GPOBOXONE) offers online courses on employee rights and obligations, articles and videos on interpersonal relationships and the appropriate balance between work and non-work aspects of life. Methods of communication used by individual operating companies include HAESL's storyboard briefings and EAST Hotel's open microphone sessions.

    We believe that there should be an appropriate balance between work and non-work aspects of life. The Swire Hong Kong Staff Association has been looking after its members' welfare since 1949. The association brings together staff and their families for regular opportunities to try new activities, socialise and build relationships.

  • In 2012, we held our second sustainable development forum, attended by staff from all parts of the Group. There were outside speakers and speakers from each division. Our sustainability plans were presented and discussed. Staff from different parts of the Group were able to share experiences and challenges.

  • Swire Pacific offers fair remuneration and benefits, even in difficult economic times. Decisions on remuneration are made by reference to factors which include job responsibilities, individual and business performance, job market conditions and the industrial and economic outlook.

2012 Aims and Progress
Aims To implement an online training programme on how to deal with employee issues
Progress Done
Comments We provided online training about employee rights and obligations
2013 Aims
  • To improve internal communications about sustainable development
  • To review our gender balance
  • To continue to communicate with staff Swire