Our Natural Environment

When we help the world in which we operate to thrive, so do we

We are in an era of rapid environmental change. If our business is to thrive in the long term, we need to play a part in protecting the environment upon which we depend. We have taken our environmental responsibility seriously for many years. This commitment has led to consistent progress in emissions reduction, water management and waste recycling.

improvement in the CO2 efficiency of our Aviation Division in relation to revenue tonne kilometres (RTK) since 1998
energy intensity reduction in relation to gross floor area managed in Hong Kong (excl. hotels) since 2001
improvement in water efficiency in relation to a litre of beverage production since 2004


Each of our divisions has operations which comply with ISO 14001 standards. In 2016, HAECO Xiamen became one of Mainland China’s first aircraft maintenance and repair organisations with an environmental management system which complies with the ISO 14001:2004 standard.

Our new strategy

In 2016, we developed a strategy intended to mitigate operational risk and to build long-term resilience by improving environmental efficiency and innovation. We called the strategy Thrive. It was developed by the Swire group sustainability committee, which includes representatives from all our operating units.

The aim of Thrive is that our businesses should consider their impact on the environment while continuing to succeed in the long term. When the natural environments that we depend on thrive, so do we.

Thrive has identified six areas that are material to all our operating units. They are Carbon, Water, Waste, Materials, Biodiversity and Climate Resilience. Thrive, sets out commitments, indicators of progress and targets in relation to each of them. We have agreed on the indicators of progress and are developing short and long term targets.



Copenhagen-based Swire Blue Ocean has developed an innovative vessel design for the installation of offshore wind turbines and foundations.

Photo credit: Swire Blue Ocean A/S


In 2016, HAECO officially became part of the Training by Airbus network, being the first MRO organization and Aircraft Maintenance Training Organisation in Mainland China to be equipped with the Boeing 787 training suite.


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