Use & manage water responsibly

Restoring water flows to protect ecosystems

Water is one of the world’s most precious and vital resources. But as populations grow, so does the pressure on water resources.

Our businesses depend on water. Some of them use it extensively. Water stress can affect our suppliers and the communities and biodiversity in the areas in which we operate. We aim to use water responsibly and sustainably and to protect our water sources. Where possible, we try to discharge water back into the environment in a clean and safe condition.

Water is the most precious ingredient in our products … Although we have met our 2020 goal of replenishing 100% of the water we use; we do not consider our work complete. As our beverage sales volume grows, we intend to grow our replenishment projects to continue to balance the water use of our entire system across China.
Pat Healy, Swire Beverages' Managing Director

In this section, we share our progress, performance and goals for using and managing water responsibly.





We manage our water use with a view to reducing water consumption and increasing efficiency. Our operating companies implement a wide range of water conservation initiatives in their operations and buildings, including automatic taps and automatic flush water basins and urinals. They use meters to monitor consumption.

Swire Properties has a grey water treatment system at Lincoln House in Taikoo Place, Hong Kong. Wastewater collected from tenants’ pantries undergoes biological micro-filtration. The resulting grey water is used for irrigation of plants and to clean the car park at Taikoo Place. This reduces monthly consumption of water for these purposes by 17%.

HAECO group companies have wastewater treatment plants. HAECO Xiamen uses heavy metal monitoring equipment and detectors to check effluents before discharge. It uses treated wastewater for irrigation, car cleaning, and toilet flushing and watering its airside apron area.

The Beverages Division accounted for 69% of our water use in 2016. Whilst the total water used has increased due to business growth, its use of water has become 37% more efficient since 2004. Its aim as part of the Coca-Cola global system is to return to the environment the same amount of water as it uses.


We are committed to achieving World Class water use performance in each of our manufacturing locations.

The Beverages Division:

  • Uses dry lubricants instead of soapy water to lubricate bottle conveyors.
  • Saves about 185 million litres of water annually by recovering grey water.
  • Saves about 150 million litres of water annually by reusing water which has rinsed bottles for toilet flushing and other non-production purposes.


We are committed to wastewater treatment standards which require returning all water that is used in our manufacturing processes to the environment at a level that supports healthy aquatic life.

  • The Beverages Division treated and returned to the environment all its Wastewater (385 million litres) in 2016.
  • It complies with the Wastewater treatment standards of Mainland China and The Coca-Cola Company.


Working with external partners, we are committed to support programmes to ensure healthy watersheds and sustainable community water with a goal to balance the water used in our finished beverages.

  • Treated wastewater from Swire Coca-Cola Beverages Zhengzhou's bottling plant is transferred to Lianhu Park. This saves 200 million litres of fresh water annually – see Case Study 1 below for further details.

More information on how water is managed by the Beverages Division can be found here.


Treated Wastewater for Community Use

Treated Wastewater for Community Use

Swire Beverages' Zhengzhou bottling plant collaborated with the municipal government of Zhengzhou City to reuse treated wastewater in the wetland in Lianhu Park. The wetland is an artificial lake. Zhengzhou suffers from droughts. The lake did not get enough water from the municipal water supply system and its water was of poor water. The lake now receives about 200 million litres of treated wastewater from the plant annually, equivalent to the annual water usage of 4,760 Zhengzhou residents. The project helps to alleviate Zhengzhou’s water shortage, has restored a natural recreational area and facilitates environmental education activities.

The Zhengzhou bottler was one of the first manufacturers in Mainland China to achieve full reuse of treated wastewater.


In-stream Flow Restoration

In-stream Flow Restoration

The Beverages Division has participated in projects in Utah to restore stream flows. Partnering with the Bonneville Environmental Foundation, Trout Unlimited and The Nature Conservancy, stream flows of up to 11 million litres have been restored to the South Fork of Chalk Creek by removing a fish migrating barrier and upgrading an irrigation system.

On the Upper Bear River, improved irrigation diversions and fish screens are expected to restore 3.86 billion litres of water to the river annually. This project, funded partly by The Coca-Cola Company, will protect thousands of juvenile Bonneville Cutthroat Trout that would previously have been trapped in canals by restoring stream flows during a critical time of the year.


Environmentally Friendly Bathrooms at TaiKoo Hui, Guangzhou, Mainland China

Environmentally Friendly Bathrooms at TaiKoo Hui, Guangzhou, Mainland China

Low flush water toilets and water-free urinals have been installed in the male bathrooms in Swire Properties’ TaiKoo Hui property in Guangzhou. The toilets are expected to save 5-8 litres of water per flush. The urinals are expected to save 150 cubic metres of water annually. Energy efficient dryers are used instead of paper. Wastewater from sinks is used for flushing. The target is to save 1,080 cubic metres of water annually. There are plans for corresponding changes to the female bathrooms at the development.


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Working with The Coca-Cola Company Swire Beverages has already met and exceeded its 2020 goal to return an equivalent amount of water to that which it uses in its products back to communities and the environment.


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