Diversity & Equal Opportunities

Diversity makes us who we are and strengthens the way we shape the future

Swire Pacific upholds traditional values and modern practices. We have been in business for 200 years. But to be an employer of choice for another 200 years, we must continually improve.

As we expand our businesses, we recognise more and more the importance of diversity. It generates creativity and supports competitiveness, so helping us to generable strong and sustainable long term growth. Our aim is that our workforce should reflect the diversity of the societies in which we operate.

We want to continue to be a responsible, respected and preferred employer. We aim to do this by promoting diversity and respect, by safeguarding health and safety and by offering equal opportunities and an appropriate balance between work and non-work elements of life. Our Code of Conduct supports these aims.

Our group is geographically diverse. Our approach to diversity must take account of the different societies and cultures in the countries in which we operate. We must be sensitive to differences in values, traditions and religions and must respect local approaches to diversity. Individual operating companies are encouraged to develop locally specific approaches to diversity accordingly.

The majority of our staff is based in Hong Kong and Mainland China. In Hong Kong, there is no legal framework for collective bargaining with trade unions. In Mainland China, we are normally required to liaise with official trade unions. Employees can present grievances and report improprieties and breaches of the Code of Conduct through established channels.

Channels for reporting harassment or discrimination

All at Swire Pacific have a responsibility to raise concerns about potential violations of the Code of Conduct, including harassment and discrimination. Any such concerns can be raised by staff either with their immediate superior, their head of department, internal audit or human resources departments. If a substantive complaint is received, an impartial and prompt investigation is held. If the issue still remains unresolved, it is raised to the head of the relevant business unit. Any material concerns raised through the head of the relevant business unit are reported to the audit committee which ensures that appropriate investigative steps are taken. We make every effort to keep the identity of the reporting staff confidential. Information received is used only for the purposes of investigating and resolving the complaint or concern raised.


Equal opportunities for individuals all the way up to the board

We are an equal opportunities employer. We aim to treat people with dignity and respect so as to enable them to be themselves and to do their best work. Individuals are unique and deserve respect for their individual abilities. We do not tolerate harassment, unlawful discrimination or other breaches of employment law. We provide training in order to assist staff to understand their rights and obligations under Hong Kong anti-discrimination legislation.

To cope with the diverse challenges with which we are faced, our leaders need to be diverse. This strengthens decision making and makes us more agile and resilient. Our board diversity policy is available here on our website.

Increasing gender diversity

We operate in businesses and regions in which female participation in the workforce is low. Over the last three years the percentage of women in our workforce has increased from 36% to 38%. But we can still improve. To this end, we have an Equal Opportunities and Diversity Council, on which the heads of our operating divisions are represented. We also have a Gender Diversity Committee.

Employee Breakdown by Gender


The Equal Opportunities and Diversity Council has the following objectives:

  • To formulate equal opportunities and diversity policies for all Swire Pacific group employees;
  • To encourage and advocate equal opportunities and diversity within the Swire Pacific group;
  • To monitor and measure our equal opportunities and diversity achievements;
  • To communicate our achievements in providing equal opportunities and diversity within the Swire Pacific group ; and
  • To create, monitor and oversee an appropriate organisational framework within the Swire Pacific group in order to facilitate the achievement of our objectives.

We encourage our employees to participate in formal and informal activities that contribute to creating a diverse and inclusive work environment.


Attracting female talent with the Swire Women’s Network

Attracting female talent with the Swire Women’s Network

In 2015 we established the Swire Women’s Network. Its aim is to attract talented women to join the group and to develop and retain them within the group. It enables women working in the group to share experiences and ideas, to arrange events and activities relevant to career development, to develop coaching and training for women and to collaborate with women outside the group.

In September 2016, five speakers (four external and one from Cathay Pacific) spoke at a seminar about leadership, diversity, inclusion and the balance between work and non-work elements of life. Around 70 people attended this seminar. In December 2016, seven external speakers spoke at a seminar about flexible working arrangements within their own companies. Around 20 operational and HR managers attended this seminar. Such seminars aim to educate our employees (and through them our business units) about diversity and the balance between work and non-work elements of life.

Members of the Swire Women’s Network meet with senior management under a mentoring programme.


The health and safety of our employees has always been of critical importance. In 1893 Swire established a Sanatorium on Mount Parker which was serviced by a cable car, which ran between the sanatorium and the dockyard and sugar refinery in Quarry Bay.

Photo circa 1911/2


Swire Pacific Offshore assists the Purple Parade movement to support the inclusion of people with special needs and to celebrate their abilities.


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