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We recommend the latest version of Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge 42 and above on Windows 10, Safari 12 and above on macOS for the best browsing experience. Internet Explorer is not supported.
For the best user experience, you will need a browser with JavaScript and popup windows enabled.

If you have problems watching the webcast using Wi-Fi, please switch your internet connection to a mobile network.

為取得最佳觀賞效果,請於Windows 10作業系統使用最新版本的Chrome、Mozilla Firefox或Microsoft Edge 42(或以上)瀏覽器,或於macOS作業系統使用Safari 12(或以上)瀏覽器。請注意,Internet Explorer將不能登入直播系統。此外,請確保瀏覽器允許JavaScript及彈出式視窗,以確保最佳體驗。


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