2017 Sustainability Report

Stakeholder engagement

Mutually beneficial relationships

Our stakeholders are the people with whom we engage internally and externally and who affect materially or are materially affected by what we do. This report is intended to provide an honest and transparent record of our sustainability performance for our stakeholders.

To have an effective sustainability strategy, we need to understand what concerns our stakeholders and how emerging global trends relevant to sustainability will affect us. To help us do this, we have conducted regular stakeholder engagement exercises since 2007. These exercises help us to identify, understand and communicate the issues of most importance to our stakeholders and to understand what they think of our performance. The views collected are not always reflected in our sustainability reporting. But the exercises are good for building trust and obtaining support, and can sometimes reconcile diverging interests.

In 2017, we updated our map of stakeholders and our plan for engaging with them. The intention is to engage with a number of interest groups at least once each year. For our 2017 stakeholder engagement exercise, we selected stakeholders on the basis of their expertise in issues material to us, their influence and their willingness to collaborate with us.

2017 Stakeholder engagement map

Senior Leadership Team

NGOs and Activists

Sustainability issues

Method of engagement
One-to-one interviews and focus groups

Those With Whom We Do Business

Sustainability issues

Method of engagement
Focus groups


Sustainability issues

Method of engagement
One-to-one interviews

Peer Companies and Competitors

Board Members