2017 Sustainability Report

Looking ahead

Photo courtesy of Swire Blue Ocean
Thinking sustainably requires us to look beyond short term challenges. We need to build the resilience of our businesses to shocks and be ready to take advantage of new opportunities.

Merlin Swire, Chairman, Swire Pacific Limited

Towards a thriving future

To support consistent implementation and reporting, in 2018 we will continue to implement our SwireTHRIVE sustainable development strategy and integrate it in our businesses. The central SwireTHRIVE strategy gives us the opportunity to do more together and to do it faster than our businesses can do with only their own sustainability programmes. Through SwireTHRIVE and the commitments to it within the group, we will join together to maximise the impact we can make across our portfolio.

We are introducing half yearly meetings of the heads of our businesses dealing with sustainability matters. We already make quarterly reports to the board on our environmental and health and safety performance.

We will improve our sustainability data by developing clear and consistent protocols for reporting on SwireTHRIVE matters. We will continue to have selected sustainability data reported on externally.