2017 Sustainability Report

Training and development

Investing in employees develops a thriving workforce

We need an agile and well-trained workforce in order to respond to changes in the business environment and increased competition. We need talented individuals to want to work for us. We aim to recruit a capable and competent workforce by offering competitive remuneration and benefits, and providing training to enable our employees to realise their potential.

Looking after our employees

We offer competitive remuneration and benefits, even during difficult market conditions. Decisions on remuneration are made with regard to roles and responsibilities, individual and business performance, and conditions in the job markets and economies in which we operate. We communicate with staff through our intranet, newsletters, surveys and staff forums. The staff turnover rate (which was 19% in 2017) is monitored with a view to identifying and managing problems as they arise. A 24-hour counselling and consultation service is available for employees. More information about this can be found in the Health and Safety section of this report.

Induction programmes

There are induction programmes for those joining the group. As appropriate, they include anti-discrimination and anti-corruption training and visits to our businesses.

Cathay Pacific’s Brushwingers orientation programme helps those joining to understand Cathay Pacific and its values and culture.

Swire Properties has a training video which helps those joining to familiarise themselves with their roles and responsibilities. There are weekly job familiarisation sessions.

Training and education

By our training and development programmes, we aim to attract and retain outstanding people and enable them to realise their career goals. We develop our people by on-the-job learning, mentoring or coaching, classroom training and online learning. On average, we provided over 33.19 hours of training per employee in 2017, a 10.3% increase from the previous year.

Average hours of training per employee by division (2017)

In 2017, Swire Properties Security Services were awarded the Gold Award at the 2016 Security Services Best Training Awards by the Vocational Training Council and the Hong Kong Police Force. Swire Pacific Offshore received the Excellence in Manpower Training and Development award at the Singapore International Maritime Awards. The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) named Swire Properties an Approved Employer under its Approved Employer Programme, in recognition of the standard of training and development offered to its employees. As a result, Swire Properties employees who are ACCA members have access to additional support and programmes designed to help them further their professional development.

Ethos International, Swire’s in-house leadership development company, designs and delivers learning and development programmes, such as the Swire Leadership Programme, for promising staff in the Swire group. This is supplemented by enrolling managers in business management and executive programmes at noted international institutions such as INSEAD and Stanford University. Ethos’ training programmes emphasise sustainability and contribute to the development of a strong corporate culture and a style of leadership that is consistent with Swire values.

Managing for the future

The Swire Leadership programme accepts a number of high-calibre graduates every year with a view to developing their professionalism for a long-term career. Over the following 12 years we coach and mentor them, send them on courses and plan the steps in their careers. Their training includes sustainability training modules, which give participants an understanding of sustainable development and the business opportunities to which it gives rise.

Our summer internship programme gives exceptional students the opportunity to gain experience of working at Swire. Interns first learn about what we do and our values. They are then posted to work on business projects at our operating companies.

Case study

Swire Properties – The Achieving Excellence Programme

Swire Properties’ Achieving Excellence Programme (AEP) is a two-year programme that aims to help new managers develop their careers. In 2017, several AEP workshops were held. They principally focussed on leadership, teamwork and people management skills and dealt with how to work effectively with different types of people and how to manage business change with flexibility and creativity. There was a workshop on Swire Properties’ approach to sustainability. The final workshop of the year was a business simulation exercise designed to provide participants the opportunity to use the skills they acquired during the two-year programme.

Photo courtesy of Swire Pacific Offshore

Case study

Swire Pacific Offshore – The Ghana Marine Training Centre (GMTC)

Swire Adonai Services Limited, a joint venture between Adonai Shipping Limited and Swire Pacific Offshore (SPO), has established a training centre in Accra, Ghana to provide marine safety, dynamic positioning (DP) and other training for Ghanaian seafarers.

The GMTC has a simulator room, a classroom equipped with desktop simulators and a library. Two DP console units donated by SPO give participants a realistic sense of the equipment used aboard an offshore supply vessel. The GMTC aims to become an important education facility for Ghanaian seafarers.

Arch Nexus, a Ghanaian architectural company, was engaged to design and develop the GMTC. In conjunction with the Regional Maritime University of Ghana, scholarships, internships, exchange programmes and employment opportunities are offered to local students. The GMTC was opened in January 2018.