2017 Sustainability Report

Our environment

A thriving environment

We are in an era of rapid environmental change. If our business is to thrive in the long term, we need to play a part in protecting the environment upon which we depend. We have taken our environmental responsibility seriously for many years. This commitment has led to consistent progress in emissions reduction, water management and waste recycling.

Each of our divisions has operations which comply with ISO 14001 standards. In 2017, the environmental management system in the Hong Kong portfolio of our property division received the latest ISO 14001:2015 certification from the Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency.

A strategy for a thriving future

In 2016, the 200th anniversary of Swire’s foundation, we formulated SwireTHRIVE, our new sustainability strategy, with a view to securing long-term business success in an era of major change.

SwireTHRIVE was co-created by the Group Sustainable Development Office and representatives from major operating companies. There was agreement on six key environmental issues that are material to all the group’s divisions. These are Carbon, Waste, Water, Sustainable Materials, Biodiversity, and Climate Resilience (see below). They were selected by reference to best practice and following a review of environmental sustainability by internal subject matter experts. SwireTHRIVE has been endorsed by the Board.

SwireTHRIVE focuses on environmental sustainability because our success (and that of the communities in which we operate) depends on a thriving natural environment.

The strategy was designed to offer a consistent vision and framework for the Group. While many of our operating companies already had flourishing sustainability programmes, it was agreed that a Group-level commitment would provide an increased remit and opportunities to go further. Through SwireTHRIVE, our operating companies can work together to make our businesses thrive.