2018 Sustainability Report


A commitment to sustain long-term value

Swire Pacific is an international conglomerate with a diversified portfolio of market leading businesses. We have five divisions – Property, Aviation, Beverages, Marine Services, and Trading & Industrial.

As a broad and influential business, we have the responsibility to build a thriving future where we can create long-term value for our shareholders. Sustainability remains a strategic objective for the Swire Group to secure the future of our business and thereby the prosperity of the businesses and communities in which we operate.

Everyone faces challenges from climate change, resource scarcity and the threat of diminishment of our natural environment. Responding to these challenges is critical for our business to thrive. We aim to safeguard our natural resources, to support the businesses and communities in which we operate, to invest in the wellbeing of our people and to operate in accordance with high ethical and environmental standards. Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond preservation. It represents an opportunity for innovation, efficiency and establishing systems to secure sustained growth.

We continue to improve and integrate sustainable development and economic, environmental and social sustainability in our business.