2018 Sustainability Report

Looking Ahead

“Sustainability requires us to think beyond the short term. Doing so will help us to build the resilience necessary to create value for our shareholders for the long term.”

Merlin Swire,

Building a thriving future

In 2019, we are using SwireTHRIVE in our businesses to support consistent implementation and reporting of sustainability matters. SwireTHRIVE enables our businesses to do more together for sustainability than they can do separately. We are expanding the scope of SwireTHRIVE so that it covers relevant social elements of sustainability, for example, diversity and inclusion.

The chairman of Swire Pacific, divisional chief executives and the finance director meet twice a year to consider SwireTHRIVE and sustainability risks, opportunities and targets. We report quarterly to the board on our environmental and health and safety performance.

We are developing protocols intended to improve the accuracy and consistency of our collection of data relating to carbon, waste and water. We report on selected sustainability data. We are reviewing existing sustainability policies and developing a waste policy.

We are developing 2030 carbon, waste and water targets. Our property and beverages divisions are developing science-based targets (targets developed in line with the scale of reductions required to keep global temperature increase below 2°C above pre-industrial temperatures).