2018 Sustainability Report


Building performance over the years

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This table presents a quantitative overview of our 2018 sustainable development performance. All of the 2018 data presented in these tables that has been identified with the symbol [R], have been independently assured by Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu.

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Performance indicators


Health and safety


Voluntary permanent employee turnover

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  1. Totals may not be the exact sum of numbers shown here due to rounding.
  2. For the Cathay Pacific group, only CO2 emissions for aviation turbine fuel are reported as there is no scientific consensus on the global warming effect of other emissions. Cathay Pacific monitors developments in these areas of atmospheric science, including studies from the UKs OMEGA aviation and environment project and the Institute of Atmospheric Physics at the German Aerospace Centre.
  3. Virtually all water consumption by the Swire Pacific Group is withdrawn from municipal water supplies provided by local water supply authorities. Swire Properties’ buildings have installed rainwater catching facilities but the amount of rainwater caught is insignificant in relation to the Group’s total water consumption.
  4. This figure excludes on-hire vessel fuel consumption as this belongs to scope 3 as defined by the Greenhouse Gas Protocol.
  5. Swire Pacific tracks its GHG emission, energy consumption, water consumptions and waste data through utility bills and purchase or service records. When such records are not yet available, consumption is captured through direct measurements (e.g. readings of submeters). These figures are updated upon availability of the above records. The figures for 2017 have been updated to reflect such availability.
  6. The gender pay gap is calculated based on the average basic salary.
  7. Staff data includes total permanent employees, fixed term and temporary contract employees which is in alignment with the annual report. All data NOT marked with this note includes permanent staff data only.

R. Denotes sustainability data that has been reported on by Deloitte. Please refer to the independent limited assurance report for further details.