2019 Sustainability Report

Building a thriving future

“Swire Pacific has always taken, and will continue to take, a long-term perspective on how we run our business. Sustainability is very much part of that way of thinking.”

Merlin Swire

In 2019, our businesses continued to use SwireTHRIVE to facilitate consistent sustainability policy implementation and reporting. SwireTHRIVE enables our businesses to do more together for sustainability than they can do separately. As part of a mid-term review of SwireTHRIVE we are continuing the extension of SwireTHRIVE to social elements of sustainability, for example health and safety and diversity and inclusion.

As planned, we have developed data protocols intended to improve the accuracy and consistency of our carbon, waste and water data. This year we will be checking compliance with these protocols.

We are developing 2030 carbon, waste and water targets. Swire Properties’ carbon target has been approved by the Science Based Target Initiative. Swire Coca-Cola will be submitting its target for approval later this year.

In 2020, we will start to identify the physical risks posed by climate change to our key assets and business operations, under a couple of climate change scenarios.

To track our progress in creating a more inclusive workplace, we are adding diversity and inclusion questions to our operating companies’ staff engagement surveys.

Our maternity and paternity leave policies will be reviewed, with the aim of proposing a parental leave policy that recognises different family make-ups.

As part of our new Group Senior Management Health & Safety Policy, senior management will receive industry specific and general health and safety training.

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