We have been made aware of the following websites which have, without the authorization or consent from the Swire Pacific Limited and its group companies ("Swire Pacific Group"), provided goods and/or services in the name of "Swire" and/or used our intellectual property (including but not limited to trade marks):-

  • "swireglobal.com" – purporting to operate an online e-commerce platform and offer retail services under the name of "swire" and using Swire Pacific Group’s trade marks (including but not limited to "");
  • "swireslimited.net"; "swiresglobal-limited.com"; and "templatechange.com" – purporting to provide investment services under the names of "Swire Pacific Limited" and "Swireslimited", as well as misappropriating the address "Suite 600, 501 Brickell Key Drive, Miami, Florida 33131, USA", which premises were previously owned and occupied by an affiliate of the Swire Pacific Group, as their own address.

The aforesaid websites are referred to as "Subject Websites".

The Subject Websites have no direct or indirect relationship with the Swire Pacific Group and the companies and/or businesses mentioned on them are not part of the Swire Pacific Group.

We wish to clarify that neither the Subject Websites, nor the creators, proprietors or business operations of the Subject Websites, have our agreement to use our intellectual property; they do not have the right to use our company names and trade marks. Furthermore, the goods and/or services offered on the Subject Websites are not provided by the Swire Pacific Group. If you have any concern about the Subject Websites, please contact your local regulatory or law enforcement authorities. The Swire Pacific Group reserves the right to take appropriate legal action against any actual or suspected infringement of our intellectual property rights.

For the official websites of all offices, companies and businesses of the Swire Pacific Group, please refer to https://www.swirepacific.com/en/about/address.php.

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