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An acclaimed international airline, a global aircraft engineering group, plus passenger, cargo and catering services

The Group's Aviation Division comprises an associate interest in the Cathay Group and the wholly owned Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company (“HAECO”) Group. Cathay Group includes Cathay Pacific, two wholly owned airline subsidiaries, and an associate interest in Air China. Business interests also include flight catering, ground services, cargo handling, and cargo terminal operations. HAECO is one of the world’s largest independent MRO service providers in terms of capacity.

The Cathay Group

The Cathay Group includes Cathay Pacific Airways, Hong Kong Express Airways (“HK Express”) and AHK Air Hong Kong ("Air Hong Kong"); Cathay Group also has an associate interest in Air China and Air China Cargo.

In addition, Group subsidiaries provide flight catering and ramp and passenger handling services, and Cathay Group owns and operates a cargo terminal at Hong Kong International Airport.

Cathay Pacific Airways Limited  (“Cathay Pacific") is Hong Kong's home carrier and a leading international airline, operating one of the most modern fleets in the skies and with an outstanding reputation for the quality of its products and services. Swire Pacific is Cathay Pacific's largest shareholder, with a 45% shareholding, while the other major shareholder is Air China (29.99%). The strategic partnership between Cathay Pacific and Air China has helped to form one of the airline industry's strongest groupings.

Cathay Pacific is committed to strengthening Hong Kong's position as a global aviation hub and gateway to the Chinese Mainland.

The Cathay Pacific team takes pride in delivering service that rises above customer expectations.

Hong Kong Express Airways Limited ("HK Express"), a wholly owned subsidiary of Cathay Pacific, is Hong Kong’s only low-cost carrier. The airline currently has 33 aircraft and had ordered 29 new aircraft for future delivery. 

AHK Air Hong Kong Limited ("Air Hong Kong"), a wholly owned subsidiary of Cathay Pacific, operates express cargo services for DHL Express. Air Hong Kong currently operates 16 freighters.

A wholly owned subsidiary of Cathay Pacific, Cathay Pacific Services Limited ("CPSL") owns and operates the Cathay Cargo Terminal at Hong Kong International Airport. The terminal's annual handling capacity is 2.7 million tonnes.

Cathay Pacific Airways is one of the biggest air cargo handlers in the world.

Cathay Dining, a wholly owned subsidiary of Cathay Pacific Airways, is the principal airline caterer in Hong Kong and operates one of the largest flight kitchens in the world. With almost 60 years’ experience in this sector, Cathay Dining provides high-quality, tailored inflight and other catering services to customers in Hong Kong and across the globe. In 2023, the company produced more than 19 million meals.  

Cathay Dining runs Hong Kong's largest and one of the world's most sophisticated flight kitchens.

Cathay Pacific Catering Services has a 40% shareholding in Cebu Pacific Catering Services Inc., based in Cebu in the Philippines.

Swire Pacific holds a 22.05% interest in China Pacific Catering Services Limited, which is a subsidiary of Taiwan's flag carrier, China Airlines. The company's highly automated facilities have the capacity to produce up to 30,000 meals a day.

Cathay Pacific has a 30% shareholding in CLS Catering Services Limited. The company operates two in-flight catering facilities in Vancouver and Toronto, and a retail facility in Calgary, all in partnership with LSG Lufthansa Service. The two in-flight catering facilities have the capacity to produce 20,000 and 25,000 meals a day respectively.

A wholly owned subsidiary of Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong Airport Services Limited ("HAS") provides ramp and passenger handling services at Hong Kong International Airport. HAS provides ground services to 19 airlines, including Cathay Pacific and HK Express.

HAS provides essential ground services at Hong Kong International Airport.

Wholly owned by Cathay Pacific Airways, Vogue Laundry Service Limited has a client base of international airlines and hotels, and many well-known clubs and institutions in Hong Kong. Vogue has the largest commercial laundry plant in East Asia.

China Pacific Laundry Services Limited is a joint venture between Swire Pacific (45%) and China Airlines (55%). Its large, modern facilities near Taoyuan International Airport, Taipei, serve a rapidly expanding customer base that includes international airlines, hotels and clubs.


The HAECO Group is one of the world’s leading aircraft engineering and maintenance service providers. Its principal subsidiaries are HAECO Hong Kong, HAECO Xiamen, and HAECO Americas. In addition to base and line maintenance and modification work, the HAECO Group's operating companies provide a comprehensive range of products and services in the airframe, component and engine segments.

Formed in 1950, HAECO Hong Kong is home to the headquarters of the HAECO Group. Based at Hong Kong International Airport ("HKIA"), the company offers a full range of services including airframe services, line services, component services, engine services, inventory technical management, freighter conversions, technical training and AOG support.

The HAECO Group is continually expanding the range of quality aircraft engineering solutions offered to its customers.

HAECO ITM Limited is a joint venture between HAECO (70%) and Cathay Pacific Airways (30%). Based in Hong Kong, the company provides Inventory Technical Management for aircraft components. The services include supply chain management, pool inventory management, repair and overhaul, reliability management, as well as 24/7 aircraft-on-ground ("AOG") support, for Cathay Pacific Airways and other airlines.

HAECO has a 49% shareholding in Goodrich Asia-Pacific Limited, which refurbishes carbon brakes and wheel hubs in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Aero Engine Services Limited ("HAESL") provides repair and overhaul services for Rolls-Royce engines and their components, serving airlines in the Hong Kong SAR,  the Chinese Mainland, the Middle East, and elsewhere. HAESL is a joint venture between HAECO (50%) and Rolls-Royce (50%). Located in Tseung Kwan O, HAESL's advanced facility is equipped with one of the largest test cells in Asia, capable of testing engines generating up to 130,000 pounds of thrust, and has the capacity to handle 300 engines a year. 

HAESL is one of only a few engine MROs that have the capability to overhaul Trent XWB engines.

HAECO Group owns 58.55% of Taikoo (Xiamen) Aircraft Engineering Company Limited ("HAECO Xiamen") - a leading MRO service provider in the Asia Pacific region. The company offers a full range of airframe services, including airframe maintenance, modification, cabin reconfiguration, passenger-to-freighter conversion, and line services at key airports on the Chinese Mainland.

As a one-stop MRO service provider, HAECO Xiamen operates its own certified aviation parts manufacturing and testing facilities. The company also operates a training and licenced examination centre that caters to the technical training needs of the MRO industry throughout the Asia Pacific region.

One of the foremost MRO service providers in Asia-Pacific, HAECO Xiamen's comprehensive service portfolio includes airframe services, line services, parts manufacturing, technical training and engineering services, including design and certification.

Shanghai Taikoo Aircraft Engineering Services Company Limited ("HAECO Shanghai") is a joint venture between HAECO, HAECO Xiamen and Shanghai Foreign Aviation Service Corporation. It provides line services in Shanghai and Nanjing.

HAECO and HAECO Xiamen hold 30% and 10% respectively in Taikoo (Shandong) Aircraft Engineering Company Limited ("STAECO"). STAECO provides airframe maintenance, passenger-to-freighter conversion,, line services and parts manufacture for Boeing 737s, Airbus 320s, Comac 919 and other popular narrow-body regional jet aircraft, at Jinan, in Shandong Province, on the Chinese Mainland.

Sichuan Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Co., Limited (“SMECO”) is a  an enterprise jointly established by Sichuan Airlines Group, Sichuan Haite, HAECO Xiamen and HAECO, with Sichuan Airlines Group as the predominant shareholder. It is one of the major A320 series aircraft maintenance MROs in southwest China, operating at both Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport and Tianfu International Airport.

HAECO Component Overhaul (Xiamen) Limited operates a component maintenance, repair and overhaul workshop in Xiamen for inflight entertainment systems,  hydraulic systems, aircraft evacuation slides, mechanical parts, avionic instruments and pneumatic systems across the Airbus and Boeing commercial aircraft families. Its operations dovetail with the HAECO Group's component workshops in Hong Kong to provide comprehensive component support to airline customers around the world. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of HAECO.

Taikoo (Xiamen) Landing Gear Services Company Limited ("HAECO Landing Gear Services") is 86.38% owned by HAECO and is a Boeing-approved landing gear service provider on the Chinese Mainland.

Headquartered at Xiamen, HAECO Landing Gear Services completed its first Boeing 747-8 landing gear overhaul in 2017 and its first Boeing 787 landing gear overhaul in 2020.

HAECO Composite Structures (Jinjiang) Co., Ltd. ("HAECO Composite Services") is an engineered solutions provider for all complex composite structures and offers customised repair and overhaul solutions for a variety of composite aerostructures at its facility in Jinjiang, Fujian Province, on the Chinese Mainland. HAECO and HAECO Xiamen are the major shareholders in this company.

HAECO Composite Services specialises in a wide array of repair capabilities including the maintenance of aircraft engine nacelles, flight control surfaces, radomes and other aerostructures.

Goodrich TAECO Aeronautical Systems (Xiamen) Company Limited is a joint venture between HAECO Xiamen and Collins Aerospace, which specialises in the repair and overhaul of Engine Fuel Control systems and Actuation Systems.

Honeywell TAECO Aerospace (Xiamen) Company Limited is a joint venture between HAECO, HAECO Xiamen, and Honeywell International. It operates a repair and overhaul facility for aircraft components, including hydraulics, pneumatics, avionics, auxiliary power units (“APUs”), and other aviation equipment.

Taikoo Engine Services (Xiamen) Company Limited ("HAECO Engine Services (Xiamen)") specialises in the overhaul, repair, and testing of General Electric GE90 series aero-engines and CF34-10A aeroengines. (Readiness planned in 2024). The company is licensed as an Authorised GE90TM Service Provider, a GE90 Centre of Excellence and is the sole holder of a GE90 GE Branded Service Agreement (GBSA) in Asia.

In 2022, HAECO Engine Services (Xiamen) also became an Authorized CF34-10A Service Provider and the sole GBSA license holder in Greater China for CF34-10A . The company is majority-owned by HAECO Group (67.58%), while HAECO Xiamen and Cathay Pacific Airways own 9.01% and 9% shareholdings respectively.

HAECO Engine Services (Xiamen) specialises in the overhaul, repair, and testing of General Electric GE90 series aero-engines and CF34-10A aeroengines.

HAECO Americas is a leading provider of MRO services to global aircraft operators and owners, providing airframe services from two multi-hangar locations in North Carolina and Florida. 

HAECO Americas is headquartered in Greensboro, North Carolina, where its fifth hangar went into operation at Piedmont Triad International Airport in the first quarter of 2018.