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Our core Property, Beverages and Aviation interests centre on Greater China and Southeast Asia
The name Swire or Taikoo (太古) has been established in China for over 150 years

Investing in sustainable development is critical to the future of our businesses
Our people are key to our operations: we nurture talent and invest in training and development
Our philanthropy focuses on Education, Marine Conservation and the Arts
Financial Performance
Source: 2023 Annual Results
Recurring underlying profit
HK$ 10,449 M
Dividend per 'A' share (excluding special dividend)
HK$ 3.20
Net assets at the end of 2023
HK$ 324.8 B
Our Businesses
Responsible placemaking is at the heart of what Swire does best
Delivering refreshment: the fifth largest bottling partner in the global Coca-Cola system
An acclaimed international airline, a global aircraft engineering group, plus passenger, cargo and catering services
The quality and commitment to service and reputation in the healthcare sector play to Swire’s core strengths
Trading & Industrial
A wide spectrum of business interests that ranges from apparel to automotive trading