2019 Sustainability Report

Committed To Thriving Together

We depend on our environment. Our planet provides us with an abundance of natural resources, but global demands are rapidly outstripping supply. If our business is to thrive in the long term, we must protect our environment. Over the years, we have made progress in water management, waste recycling and reduction of carbon emissions.

Each of our divisions has operations which comply with ISO 14001 standards. In 2019, the environmental management systems at Cathay City, HAECO Xiamen, HAECO Composite Services, Taikoo Engine Services (Xiamen) and HAECO Landing Gear Services received the latest ISO 14001:2015 certification.

The Swire Pacific Sustainable Development Fund earmarks HK$100 million per annum to invest in projects to improve our performance in sustainable development. This funding is available to support projects that would not otherwise meet our financial targets. Later in 2020, the Fund will be authorised to spend money on trials intended to reduce our environmental footprint.

Efficient use of environmental resources such as energy and water contributes to our operational efficiency and long-term sustainability.

Monitoring the impact we have on the environment is integral to our business operations. Efficient use of environmental resources such as energy and water contributes to our operational efficiency and long-term sustainability. In 2019, we introduced protocols intended to improve the accuracy and consistency of the data we collect about carbon, waste and water.

Green finance options have been used within our business to fund building development and other projects. In 2019, Swire Properties was the first company in Hong Kong to obtain a sustainability-linked loan, the interest rate being linked to Swire Properties’ ESG performance. New Life Plastics Limited, a joint venture company of Swire Coca-Cola, also obtained a sustainability-linked loan.

A thriving strategy

SwireTHRIVE aims to mitigate operational risk and build long-term resilience by improving standards and efficiency and through innovation. Carbon, waste, water, sustainable materials, biodiversity and climate resilience are the focus. This provides a framework for our operating companies to co-ordinate their sustainability efforts. Our success, and that of the communities in which we operate, depends on a thriving natural environment.

Our sustainable development office and representatives from our operating companies developed SwireTHRIVE and selected its areas of focus. They did so following best practice and under the review of internal subject matter experts. Our board endorses SwireTHRIVE.

In this section, we discuss the relationship of Swire Pacific to the physical world. We want to minimise our carbon footprint, manage our waste, use less water and apply innovative solutions to our environmental challenges.


Why decarbonisation matters