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Beneficiaries in 2022

Trust contributions in 2022

Contributions by our business in 2022

Our diverse businesses are part of the long-term development of the communities and societies in which we operate. When those communities prosper, so do we. As neighbours and employers, we want to be connected, involved, and responsible. The goal of our community work is to create a better future by building stronger communities. We envision a flourishing world of diversity where all members of society have opportunities for a meaningful life, and where resources are sustained for future generations. We support the local communities in which we operate through the Swire Group Charitable Trust (the Trust). Operating companies also make direct contributions to the communities in which they operate.

The Trust aims to make positive changes in education, marine conservation, and the arts through support for charitable organisations in Hong Kong.

The Trust is funded by annual contributions from companies in the Swire Pacific Group. It is overseen by the Philanthropy Council, which is chaired by a member of senior management, and has tax-exempt charitable status in Hong Kong. Guided by the Swire motto – Esse Quam Videri (to be rather than seem to be) – the Trust is motivated by altruism and acts for the direct benefit of society and the greater good.

To enhance education equity, quality, and innovation for disadvantaged children and youth.

Marine conservation
To help create sustainable marine ecosystems in Hong Kong through policy change, public engagement, and scientific research.

To promote an inclusive arts sector and to use arts to address social issues.

To celebrate Swire’s 150th year in Hong Kong and reaffirm our commitment to the place that has helped us prosper for so many years, Swire has injected an additional HK$150 million into the Trust to fund TrustTomorrow. This initiative has enabled the Trust to work with more than 80 organisations in Hong Kong, through multifaceted projects that connect the dots to build social capital and aim to drive lasting positive change in the community. While our focus is on addressing long-term challenges, the additional funds also allowed us to extend practical and timely support to those in our community most affected by the global pandemic. Since 2020, we have contributed approximately HK$50 million to COVID-19 relief programmes.

In 2022, we supported 65 education, marine conservation, arts, COVID-19 relief, and other programme grants.





Marine conservation




COVID-19 relief



Re-Charge Tung Chung attracted over 1,200 participants.

Building Community, Building Tung Chung

“Building Community, Building Tung Chung” continued to see the close collaboration of our five NGO partners, which brought together, children, youth, ethnic minorities, and families to create greater social impact.

The project’s signature event “Re-Charge Tung Chung” was held over the summer at Citygate outlet. This hugely popular event attracted over 1,200 participants from the community and provided space for children to try out new sports and creative play. It also allowed multiple NGOs and their beneficiaries to display their creations through booth-placing.

The HKMPA aims to engage the community to foster a more sustainable local marine environment.

Advocating for Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Marine Protection Alliance was officially launched in August 2022. As a multi-stakeholder integrated platform, the HKMPA aims to empower the community to enhance and create a more sustainable marine environment in Hong Kong.

The Alliance advocates for a larger coverage of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in Hong Kong, which current stands at only 4% of Hong Kong waters. Another issue the Alliance looks to tackle is the lack of public awareness – insufficient community participation, poor knowledge of sustainable practices, and gaps in the formal school curriculum.


Matching volunteer skills with NGO needs and recognising excellence

Since receiving support from Swire Trust in 2020, Time Auction has grown exponentially as Hong Kong’s first skill-based volunteering matching platform. Over 3,000 skilled volunteers were matched with 600 NGOs to provide over 50,000 hours of pro bono services, generating an estimated commercial value of approximately HK$16 million.

Meanwhile, the Swire Trust Go-Givers programme on the platform contributed towards incentivising volunteers by providing a range of attractive Swire gifts from our operating companies and NGO partners. 20 distinguished Go-Givers were also nominated by NGOs in the past two years to recognise them for their exceptional work and rewarded with Asia Miles.

In 2022, the Swire Trust’s TrustTomorrow volunteering programme enabled staff across the Group to contribute 1,748 hours of service to 54 meaningful activities. Through these activities, our staff provided direct support to our community and gained a deeper understanding of various social needs.

Pak Nai is a hotspot for marine biodiversity in Hong Kong.

Improving the natural habitat of Pak Nai

Oyster reef reconfiguration with The Nature Conservancy has been one of the signature volunteering events for the TrustTomorrow volunteers. Our staff have been hugely involved in improving the natural habitat of Pak Nai by performing a range of volunteering services, ranging from invasive cordgrass removal, aquaculture debris clean-up, and oyster reef rebuilding.

Some staff were able to use this as team building exercises, including lorry drivers from Swire Coca-Cola Hong Kong. Not only did our colleagues like working to enhance Hong Kong’s biodiversity, but they also enjoyed learning more about environmental issues that the Swire group supports.

Secondary school students during their 3-week aviation mentorship programme in Hong Kong.

Supporting the development of aviation in Hong Kong

Swire Trust coordinated with Teach for Hong Kong, Cathay Pacific, and HAECO Hong Kong to create an aviation mentorship programme for secondary school students at Delia Memorial School (Hip Wo No.2 College). During the 3-week programme, 15 ethnic minority students from underprivileged backgrounds were paired up with our colleagues from the aviation industry for mentoring. The students were also given the opportunity to visit Cathay City as well as HAECO hanger to expand their horizon in this field.

“This programme helped me realise that there is more to aviation than just pilots and cabin crew, and that I too can be a part of the industry by studying the right courses,” expressed one of the students. Our colleagues were also able to take something away through this experience. A colleague in management said, “I was grateful for this mentoring opportunity. It gave me a window to look into the lives of students from less privileged backgrounds.”

Our operating companies contribute directly to the communities in which we operate. We want to connect our projects in order to learn from each other. We aim to operate in a way that builds our business, our people and the communities in which we operate.

Swire Trust Property Beverages Aviation Trading & Industrial Swire Pacific (Head office)
Total value of cash contributions (HK$) 55,024,256 25,183,320  8,467,001 190,663 662,548 8,355,395
Value of in-kind contributions (HK$) 26,280,027 6,659,128 55,000
Volunteering hours 1,748‭ ‬ 6,129‭ ‬ 64,699‭ ‬ 216 353

TrustTomorrow continues to support inspirational projects in education, marine conservation, and the arts, connecting our people, our partners, and the community to build social capital, create opportunities, and motivate lasting positive change for a better tomorrow.