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Trust contributions


Our diverse businesses are part of the long-term development of the communities and societies in which we operate. When those communities prosper, so do we. As neighbours and employers, we want to be connected, involved, and responsible.

The goal of our community work is to create a better future by building stronger communities. We envision a flourishing world of diversity where all members of society have opportunities for a meaningful life, and where resources are sustained for future generations. We support the local communities in which we operate through The Swire Group Charitable Trust (the Trust). Operating companies also make direct contributions to the communities in which they operate.

The Trust aims to make positive changes in education, marine conservation, and the arts through support for charitable programmes in Hong Kong. The Trust has tax-exempt charitable status in Hong Kong and is funded by annual contributions from operating companies. It is overseen by the Philanthropy Council, which is chaired by a member of senior management. Guided by the Swire motto – Esse Quam Videri (to be rather than seem to be) – the Trust is motivated by altruism and acts for the direct benefit of society and the greater good.

The work of the Trust focuses on three core areas:

To enhance education equity, quality, and innovation for disadvantaged children and youth.

Marine conservation
To help create sustainable marine ecosystems in Hong Kong through policy change, public engagement, and scientific research.

To promote an inclusive arts sector and to use arts to address social issues.


As part of Swire’s 150th anniversary in Hong Kong, the TrustTomorrow initiative has funded more than 70 projects spanning Education, Marine Conservation and the Arts, and also gave a helping hand to the those disadvantaged during the pandemic since its launch in 2020. Having worked with over 100 NGO partners, to date, TrustTomorrow has touched the lives of over two million people.

In 2023, we supported 50 education, marine conservation, arts, COVID-19 relief, and other programme grants. We also saw a total of 17 projects completed in the year.

Chart data Tabular data

Committed amount

Committed amount

Ongoing Complete
Arts 17 1.6
Education 68 6
Marine conservation 48 2.4
Others 19 15

Through our long-term presence in the community, our broad-range connections with local organisations, and our active participation in the social sector, the Trust team has a clear understanding of the latest needs and trends of the society in the respective focus areas. This allows the team to focus resources on areas that most needed support.

The Trust, led by the Group Head of Philanthropy, sources new projects by engaging with NGOs and other stakeholders in the respective social sectors. Apart from aligning with the Trust’s pillars of focus, potential projects should demonstrate that they could serve underserved groups or potential for upscaling.

Those potential projects are invited to submit applications, which then go through an approval process by the Philanthropy Council. Successful projects continue to be monitored by the Trust on their progress and governance until the projects end.

Selected projects active in 2023

Building Community, Building Tung Chung

Concluding its second phase, the “Building Community, Building Tung Chung” programme has fostered remarkable synergy through collaboration with five NGO partners. This initiative has united children, youth, ethnic minorities, and families, creating a cohesive social fabric in Tung Chung. Directly impacting over 16,000 individuals, the programme has improved access to resources and strengthened community bonds. Beyond assistance, the objective is to empower the community to serve others, fostering mutual help synergy. These NGOs, with their diverse strengths, exemplify the power of collective impact.

In order to draw the stories of Trust that is built through this multi-faceted project, a book of twelve Tung Chung locals was published in December 2023. The public may also access excerpts of these stories on https://listentotungchung.hk/.

A new harbourfront community space

“Quarryside”, a new community space in Quarry Bay, officially opened in June 2023. The site is a demonstration of a collective effort between the Government, private, and social sectors for the betterment of the community.

Supported by the “Funding Scheme to Support the Use of Vacant Government Sites by Non-government Organisations” of the Development Bureau of the HKSAR Government, the project has transformed vacant government land into a community space that offer diverse experiences to promote a creative, healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Quarryside is operated by St. James’ Settlement, its design and construction supported by Swire Properties, and its operation sponsored by the Swire Trust. From July to Dec 2023, Quarryside has hosted 230 events and engaged more than 11,000 event participants.

Oceans Tomorrow: Celebrating Hong Kong’s unique marine biodiversity

National Geographic Creative Works partnered with Swire Trust to explore the world beneath Hong Kong’s waves. The campaign aims to raise awareness about the marine life in Hong Kong and the threats it faces. It also encourages Hong Kongers to take action to preserve the marine environment. The campaign includes online and offline elements such as National Geographic Explorers-led videos, a dedicated content hub, and a youth workshop that connects marine conservation, arts, and education. The finale of the campaign concluded with four on-ground exhibitions showcasing the various marine ecosystems that shaped the maritime history, ocean life, and our everyday connections with Hong Kong’s waters. The Oceans Tomorrow content hub was selected as one of the official honourees in the 2023 Webby Awards.

Supporting our communities through
our people and our businesses

  Swire Trust Property Beverages Aviation Trading & Industrial Swire Pacific
(Head office)
Total value of cash contributions
(HK$ thousand)
34,984 33,161 9,932 490 1,221 8,412
Value of in-kind contributions
(HK$ thousand)
9,873 10,987 8 501
Volunteering hours 2,968 10,937 150,134 2,538 973

In 2023, the Swire Trust’s TrustTomorrow staff engagement programme enabled employees across the Group to contribute 2,968 hours of service to 54 meaningful activities. Through these activities, our people provided direct support to our community and gained a deeper understanding of various social needs.

Mentoring the next generation

Building on the ‘connect the dots’ strategy of TrustTomorrow, the Swire Trust rolled out a mentorship programme in 2023 to further serve the youth under three of our NGO partners, namely Christian Action Centre for Refugees, Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Tung Chung Integrated Services, and The Zubin Foundation.

Employees from across the Group volunteered to mentor these youths in tertiary education or above in a one-on-one manner throughout the year. 68 mentors and mentees participated in this pilot year of mentorship, and did an array of activities together, such as office visits, Cathay City tour, or volunteering. Mentors and mentees alike enjoyed the programme and many stated that it broadened their horizons to different sectors of Hong Kong that they did not know before.

Supporting sustainable seafood in Hong Kong

In addition to supporting much needed scientific research under the Marine Conservation pillar, increasing public education is equally important. Swire Trust partnered with Choose Right Today, a Hong Kong platform dedicated to informing consumers about sustainable seafood, to host a few sustainable seafood tours at Sai Kung for our employees.

At this popular seafood hotspot, our colleagues learnt how to identify local versus imported species, as well as common versus endangered ones. It was a first-hand approach in getting familiar with what could be consumed and what should not. “This was eye-opening for me and made me aware of what I should not buy when shopping for seafood,” shared a colleague who brought her child along.

The Swire Trust continues to support inspirational projects in education, marine conservation, and the arts, connecting our people, our partners, and the community to build social capital, create opportunities, and motivate lasting positive change for a better tomorrow. Operating companies across the Group also continue to give back to their respective communities through their businesses.