We believe that when the world in which we operate thrives, so do we. Swire has a longstanding commitment to sustainable development. We aim to create long term value for our shareholders. We recognise that our success in doing so is dependent on our people, the communities in which we operate, and the natural environment.

The SwireTHRIVE sustainable development strategy provides a group level framework that facilitates collaboration among our operating companies with a view to achieving common goals. It helps us to communicate more clearly what we stand for and what we do.

SwireTHRIVE comprises five priority areas where, as a group, we aim to mitigate operational risk and build long term resilience for our businesses by improving standards and efficiency and by innovation.

Our priority areas, commitments and progress


Our priority areas Our commitments Our progress
Decarbonise our business and build climate resilience 50% reduction in scope 1 and 2 emissions by 2030, and Net Zero by 2050 30% reduction compared with our baseline
Turn today’s waste into tomorrow’s resource 65% waste diverted from landfill by 2030, and a Zero Waste to Landfill by 2050 61% diverted from landfill
Use and manage water responsibly 30% reduction in water withdrawal from a 2018 frozen efficiency baseline by 2030, and Water Neutrality by 2050 8% reduction compared with our baseline
Foster a corporate culture that is accessible, inclusive and safe 30% women in senior leadership roles by 2024 28% women in senior leadership
30% women on Board by 2024 31% women on Board
Position our community initiative as part of our core business value To make positive changes in education, marine conservation, and the arts in Hong Kong HK$35 million disbursed in 2023