We are committed to providing high quality products and services and to giving customers clear and complete information so that they can make informed choices. We advertise responsibly. We protect personal data in line with applicable regulations. Feedback helps us understand customer needs and improve our services.

At the Group level we build customer protection into our policies. Our Health and Safety Policy sets out our goal of zero harm to customers, with each company under our management control applying this policy in a way which is relevant to its business.

The Swire Pacific Personal Data Policy requires Group companies to comply with applicable legal requirements relating to the handling of personal data (including its collection, holding, processing, disclosure, and use) and to respect the privacy of others and the confidentiality of information received in the course of business.

Where relevant, our subsidiaries have dedicated governance to oversee implementation and efficacy of data protection policies. Our Group Personal Data Policy and Guidelines require our operating companies to appoint a Data Protection Officer, carry out Privacy Impact Assessments, establish a Data Privacy Policy and only collect personal data upon consent of the customer. Our operating companies have cyber incident response plans. Further information is available in the ESG Risk management section of this report and the Swire Pacific Annual Report 2023.

Employees are required to follow internal guidelines covering the collection, processing, transfer, retention, and disposal of customers’ personal data. Data protection obligations are included in contracts with third-party data processors.

During 2023, there were no convictions for non-compliance with laws and regulations relating to customer privacy that would have a significant impact on the Group. The approach of our major businesses to material customer issues is described below.

Consumers are increasingly conscious of health and nutrition when deciding what to eat and drink. Eating less sugar is increasingly important. Swire Coca-Cola aims to address this by:

  • Gradually reducing the amount of sugar in its beverages portfolio, with a target to reduce the average sugar content in 100ml of beverages by 20% by 2025
  • Offering smaller serving sizes to make controlling sugar intake easier, with packages containing 250ml or less available in all its markets
  • Introducing diet, light, and zero calorie drinks, reformulating recipes and finding alternatives to sugar which reduce sugar content without compromising taste
  • With TCCC, exploring ways to make beverages more nutritious by adding vitamins, minerals, electrolytes or dietary fibre
Other material issues Our approach
Responsible marketing In line with TCCC’s Responsible Marketing Policy, we will not advertise our products in media (television, print, websites, social media, movies, or SMS/email marketing) targeting children under the age of 13. We do not advertise our products in primary schools.
Food safety Swire Coca-Cola regularly audits hygiene and delivery procedures to ensure compliance with its food safety standards. All Swire Coca-Cola plants have FSSC22000 Food Safety Certification.
Clear labelling Swire Coca-Cola includes caloric information on the front of its packaging. Nutritional information provided is factual and easy-to-understand, and fully compliant with regulations.

For more information, please see Swire Coca-Cola’s Sustainability Report 2023.

Swire Properties deals with three categories of customer: individual customers (retail customers and hotel guests); tenants of its commercial buildings; and those who own or occupy the residential properties which it owns or manages, or who occupy its serviced apartments. It regularly collects feedback from customers. It does this through:

  • Sentiment research, shopper research, and mystery shopper programmes at its major retail properties in Hong Kong and the Chinese Mainland
  • Virtual comment boxes to facilitate timely action on issues such as heating, air-conditioning and turnstile malfunctions
  • Guest satisfaction surveys at EAST Hong Kong and a custom-made mobile application to gather guest feedback
  • Customer mapping focused on defining how different customers use different spaces across our portfolio and identifying channels to gather continuous feedback from tenants
Other material issues Our approach
Responsible marketing Marketing and communications materials comply with relevant government regulations and industry guidelines.
Occupant wellbeing Buildings and workspaces are designed and operated in ways designed to promote the health and wellbeing of occupants.
Promoting sustainability Help commercial tenants be more sustainable through a Green Performance Pledge, new fit-out and renovation guidelines for office and retail tenants, initiatives to engage them on environmental and social topics, and ensuring management office colleagues are well-informed of sustainability topics.

For more information, please see Swire Properties’ Sustainability Report 2023.