Sustainable Development Report 2021
About our report

Stakeholder engagement

About our report

Understanding the needs and concerns of our stakeholders informs our approach to sustainability and our future activity.

Since 2007, we have engaged with stakeholders to understand their expectations and their perceptions of our sustainable development performance. Dialogue maintains trust, gains support for our activities and occasionally reconciles differing interests. It also helps us focus on areas for improvement so that we can take corrective action.

We define stakeholders as internal and external interest groups who have a significant impact on our business or who are significantly affected by our operations.

In 2021, we commissioned an external consultancy to conduct two separate engagement exercises:

  • To gather targeted feedback on the refreshed SwireTHRIVE 2.0 strategy, we engaged 15 experts from academia, financial institutions, peer companies and civil society through focus group discussion and one-on-on interviews
  • To identify material issues to be covered in this report, we conducted four focus groups and three interviews with 12 internal stakeholders (members of management, Board directors) and 13 external stakeholders (academia, civil society representatives, investors, peer companies)

The table shows main stakeholder types, mode of engagement and the main topics of interest to them.

Board members Board members

Senior leadership Senior leadership

NGOs and activists NGOs and activists

Investors Investors

Peer companies and competitors Peer companies and competitors

Industry associations and chambers of commerce Industry associations and chambers of commerce