Sustainable Development Report 2021

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We support transparency and provide information and data in this report and on our website. Information about how we set our reporting boundaries and our data calculation methodology is in our reporting methodology.

We have clear standards and reporting requirements for our sustainability data. The table below presents a quantitative overview of our 2021 sustainable development performance. The 2021 data in these tables identified with the symbol [R] has been independently reported on by Deloitte.


Performance Indicators


  1. Totals may not be the exact sum of numbers shown here due to rounding.
  2. The number included in the 2020 report (which was estimated) has been revised to actual.
  3. Swire Pacific currently reports scope 3 emissions associated with its investment in Cathay Pacific due to its significant contribution to the group’s emissions portfolio. We account for a proportion of the Cathay Pacific Group’s total GHG emissions under the Group’s scope 3 emissions. The proportion is 45%, which is the same as our percentage ordinary shareholding interest in Cathay Pacific.
  4. For Cathay Pacific group’s aviation turbine fuel associated emissions , only CO₂ (not CO₂e) emissions are reported as there is no scientific consensus on the global warming effect of other GHGs emissions. Cathay Pacific monitors developments in these areas of atmospheric science, including studies from the UKs OMEGA aviation and environment project and the Institute of Atmospheric Physics at the German Aerospace Centre.
  5. Following a revision to our report boundary in 2021, HAECO Group figures exclude Hong Kong Aero Engine Services Limited, a joint venture company between Rolls-Royce and HAECO. The environmental and H&S figures for 2020 have been restated.
  6. For 2021, the environmental and H&S data for Hongkong United Dockyards Group (HUD) covers the period from January to September.
  7. Total water withdrawal refers to the sum of water drawn from municipal water and groundwater. Virtually all water withdrawal by the Swire Pacific Group is from municipal water supplies provided by local water supply authorities.
  8. We used the World Resource Institute (WRI) Aqueduct Water Risk Atlas tool to map our water withdrawal by water stress levels.
  9. According to GRI 303-5, water consumption is defined as volume of water that is drawn into the boundaries of the organization and not discharged back to the water environment or a third-party. Swire Coca-Cola is our largest consumer of water (>99%). It has provided its total water consumption.
  10. Staff data only relates to permanent staff (permanent full time staff, permanent part time staff and fixed contract employees in the Chinese mainland).
  11. For Swire Coca-Cola, the discrepancy with the 2020 SD report is due to the exclusion of dispatch employees, which is in principle aligned with the Annual Report.
  12. References in this document to Hong Kong are to Hong Kong SAR, to Macau are to Macao SAR and to Taiwan are to the Taiwan region.
  1. Denotes sustainability data that has been reported on by Deloitte. Please refer to the independent limited assurance report for further details.
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