Swire Pacific concentrate on businesses where we have expertise, and where our expertise can add value. Our aim is sustainable long-term growth in shareholder value.

Our Strategy

  • We deploy capital where we see opportunities to seek long-term returns and focus on businesses where we have a competitive advantage.
  • We regularly review our businesses to assess whether they contribute to our strategic objectives.
  • We divest from businesses which do not contribute to our strategic objectives or have reached their full potential under our ownership and redeploy the capital to existing or new businesses.
  • Our people, and our ability to deploy them across our businesses (which is facilitated by services agreements with our principal shareholder), are critical to our ability to generate long-term value. We recruit the best people and invest heavily in their training and development.
  • We are conservative financial managers. This lets us execute long-term investment plans irrespective of short-term financial market volatility.
  • We provide premium quality products and services, so as to differentiate ourselves from our competitors.
  • We invest in sustainable development, because it helps to achieve long-term growth through innovation and improved efficiency.
  • We are committed to the highest standards of corporate governance and to the preservation and development of the Swire brand.

In implementing the above strategy, the principal risks and uncertainties facing the Group are that the economies in which it operates (in particular Hong Kong and Mainland China) will not perform as well in the future as they have in the past and the uncertainties as to whether this will happen.

We are and intend to remain a conglomerate with diverse businesses capable of generating sustainable long-term growth in value.