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For Immediate Release 25th March 2021

Swire pledges additional HK$150 million for TrustTomorrow

Reaffirming the Group's ongoing commitment to Hong Kong

Swire is pleased to announce that it has injected an additional HK$150 million into Swire Trust, the Group's philanthropic arm, to fund around 30 inspirational projects that drive lasting and positive change in the Hong Kong community, under the TrustTomorrow initiative.

The additional HK$150 million funding will boost Swire Trust's charitable efforts in Education, Marine Conservation and the Arts, the three focus areas within the TrustTomorrow initiative. The projects will be funded over a period of one to three years to encourage youth empowerment, provide equal opportunities for vulnerable groups to flourish, and create social inclusion for the long-term benefit of the city.

Swire first launched the TrustTomorrow initiative in early 2020 to support several local COVID-19 relief programmes, meeting the immediate needs of the most vulnerable in Hong Kong and benefitting over 310,000 people to date.

"Swire has deep roots in Hong Kong that go back 150 years, and we are determined to see Hong Kong thrive for the long term. Through the philanthropic work of Swire Trust and our operating companies, we have a proud track record of contributing to the development of civil society and building strong communities over the years," said Patrick Healy, Chairman of the Philanthropy Council. "As Hong Kong copes with the extraordinary effects of COVID-19, it is even more important to instill positivity and to continue our community support. This funding for the TrustTomorrow initiative will deepen the impact of our philanthropic work, enabling Swire and our NGO partners to collectively strengthen the long-term sustainability of our community while reaffirming Swire's confidence in the future of Hong Kong."

Each of the projects supported by the HK$150 million funding will have its own unique goals and vision. Collectively, they aim to fulfill Swire Trust's vision of building a diverse and inclusive Hong Kong where opportunities for education and cultural enrichment are open to all, and the city's unique marine ecosystems are sustained for future generations. The projects will involve the partnership of around 30 non-profits and change makers from the social sector. Many of them will require collaborative efforts among NGO partners, thereby building synergies between different projects for greater impact.

Merlin Swire, Chairman of Swire Pacific said, "Over the past 150 years, Swire's story in Hong Kong has been characterised by tenacity in the face of volatile economic cycles and constant challenges. Through the many ups and downs, we have remained a determined long-term investor and corporate citizen. As we respond to the business challenges brought by COVID-19, we remain mindful of our responsibilities to the wider Hong Kong community. The HK$150 million funding represents our ongoing commitment to the place that has helped us prosper for so many years."

"Swire has a strong and enduring foundation in Hong Kong, and we believe in the city's ability to recover rapidly from this global crisis. We look forward to exploring how the TrustTomorrow initiative can contribute to the ongoing development of the city," Merlin Swire added.

Click here to view the thematic video of TrustTomorrow, and follow TrustTomorrow's Facebook and Linkedin pages to learn more.

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The following are some of the projects to date supported by the TrustTomorrow funding:

1. Education
The Swire Inclusive Community Fund
The Swire Inclusive Community Fund will support the following NGOs to help vulnerable groups at risk of social exclusion and intergenerational poverty.
  • Habitat for Humanity will provide much-needed home improvements for six-to 12-year-old children from vulnerable families, including those with a single parent or disabled family members, with an aim to give children a safe, appropriate place to study.
  • The Zubin Mahtani Gidumal Foundation will build a platform for institutions to promote and provide scholarship opportunities for approximately 600 ethnic minority students. Moreover, three full four-year scholarships will be offered to financially disadvantaged ethnic minority students, with the aim of empowering the recipients to maximise their potential through education.
  • CareER Association will develop Hong Kong's first ever Disability Inclusion Index (DII) and toolkits for potential employers. The goal is to promote employment opportunities for the disabled while expanding the talent pool for local companies, with over 77,000 people to be benefitted directly and indirectly.
  • Resolve Foundation will offer a fellowship programme for future community leaders that includes leadership development, rights awareness and campaigning skills training. The goal is to empower, unite and amplify the voices of marginalised and underrepresented groups and foster diversity and inclusion in the Hong Kong community.
The Swire Sky-Flyer Work-integrated Learning Programme
In collaboration with the Vocational Training Council, the programme is a pilot three-year scheme that aims to enhance Vocational and Professional Education and Training for young people. The programme also provides awards and scholarships to students with outstanding performance, and subsistence allowance for work placement to students in need of financial support. Companies from across the Swire group will collaborate in offering students with workplace experience and training in the specialised fields of engineering, aviation, logistics and services, and in hospitality, to enhance their employment prospects. Around 1,200 students will benefit from the programme.
Mobilising Volunteers for Good
TrustTomorrow has sponsored Time Auction to create Mobilising Volunteers For Good, a programme that incentivises volunteering, while providing participants with opportunities to meet and gain mentorship from diverse industry leaders. The new programme will involve a digital platform that bridges the gap between the skilled workforce and NGOs with talent needs. Skilled volunteers will also be recruited to support Swire Trust's partner NGOs through the "Swire Trust Go-Givers Programme", with an aim to deliver an estimated 900 hours of voluntary service. More than 2,150 mentees and 2,000 skilled volunteer positions will be created to deliver skilled volunteer services to NGOs.
2. Marine Conservation
Oceans Tomorrow
TrustTomorrow has partnered with National Geographic to create a content-driven multimedia campaign that celebrates Hong Kong's marine biodiversity. It aims to educate the public to actively participate in protecting endangered species and reducing pollution of the marine environment. The campaign will also include a photo camp, to be facilitated by world-class National Geographic photographers and editors, for students in Hong Kong to learn about presenting key marine issues with photography.
The Swire Marine Discovery Centre and Marine Science Learning Programme
TrustTomorrow is collaborating with the Hong Kong Maritime Museum (HKMM) to create a first-of-its-kind marine science learning platform, with the aim of increasing public awareness around marine conservation and biodiversity. The Swire Marine Discovery Centre will be established at the museum as a learning hub that provides learning spaces and a cost effective meeting venue for green NGOs to promote public understanding of ocean sustainability.
114˚E Hong Kong Reef Fish Survey 2.0
TrustTomorrow will help to fund a survey conducted by BLOOM Association Hong Kong – 114˚E Hong Kong Reef Fish Survey 2.0. The objectives of the survey include documenting local reef fish species to collect evidence for the effectiveness of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs), and gathering support for policy change to increase MPA coverage.
3. The Arts
The Orchestra Academy Hong Kong
TrustTomorrow is sponsoring The Orchestra Academy Hong Kong (TOA), in conjunction with The Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra (HK Phil) and The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA), to promote an inclusive, vibrant arts sector, in which talented Hong Kong musicians have the opportunity to shine on the world stage. The programme aims at enhancing professional training for distinguished graduates from HKAPA's School of Music and facilitating their career development in the orchestral field. Those who are admitted to TOA will contribute their talents to servicing the community through volunteering.

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Josy Chow, a fellow of Resolve Foundation's 2020 Social Justice Fellowship Programme attends a virtual workshop.
Aircraft engineering students from the Swire Sky-Flyer Work-integrated Learning Programme receive workplace training.
Time Auction volunteers earn the chance to meet and gain mentorship from successful entrepreneurs.
National Geographic explorers work with local teams of citizen scientists to conduct an underwater survey on Hong Kong reef fish.
A master class conducted by HK Phil musicians at The Orchestra Academy Hong Kong.

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