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For Immediate Release 25 August 2021

Swire "Believe in Hong Kong" Exhibition

Showcasing Swire's journey of commitment to Hong Kong over 150 years

Swire is delighted to present the "Believe in Hong Kong" exhibition, celebrating more than a century and a half of Swire businesses in Hong Kong. The exhibition is to be held at the Hong Kong Maritime Museum, with free admission to the public from 27th August to 12th October 2021.

Six themed zones: "Early Entrepreneurship", "Refining Industry", "Maritime Evolution", "Transforming Communities", "Building an Aviation Hub" and "Realising Potential" tell the story of how Swire has grown and evolved with Hong Kong, since it first opened an office here in 1870. Curated over a two-year period, the exhibition combines historic artefacts and photographs alongside fun and engaging interactive experiences, to show how Swire's pioneering businesses have helped put Hong Kong on the map as a global commercial and aviation hub.

The final zone, "Realising Potential", outlines the work of Swire Trust in Hong Kong and the various projects funded by the HK$150-million, "TrustTomorrow" initiative, that has been established to celebrate Swire's anniversary. These programmes demonstrate Swire's commitment to connecting people with opportunities that will help them to build a more robust, nurturing, and sustainable community - echoing the theme of the exhibition, "Believe in Hong Kong".

Guy Bradley, Chairman of John Swire & Sons (H.K.) Limited, said: "This exhibition aims to take visitors along on Swire's 150-year journey in Hong Kong, from a trading and shipping business to a respected international conglomerate. Our history is inextricably linked with this city's growth and success and today, Swire businesses touch the lives of most Hong Kong people: as a developer and landlord, as an airline operator, manufacturer, and retailer - as well as an employer. We are committed long-term investors - not just in our businesses, but also in Hong Kong people. Our TrustTomorrow initiative is dedicated to finding ways to support and enrich the Hong Kong community, because it is to them that we owe our success. This exhibition reflects our confidence in the future of Hong Kong and our determination to see this city thrive for the long-term."

Public registration for the Swire "Believe in Hong Kong" Exhibition is available via the website. A virtual tour will be available from 3rd September onwards. For further details, please visit our website at

Swire "Believe in Hong Kong" Exhibition

27th August to 12th October, 2021
Opening hours
Monday to Friday 9:30am to 5:30pm
Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays: 10:00am - 7:00pm
Hong Kong Maritime Museum - Special Exhibitions and Events Gallery
Free admission

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A glimpse of some of the exhibition's highlights:

Zone 1
"Early Entrepreneurship ": the early history of Swire's business and establishment in Hong Kong.

Code Cracking

A hundred years ago, long-distance communication was difficult and expensive. So Swire developed their own "Shipping Code" so that they could send complex and confidential messages using short ciphers (secret codes). This Code Cracking game lets visitors experience the deciphering process.
Zone 2
"Refining Industry": Swire's early venture into sugar refining in Hong Kong led to its subsequent acquisition of the franchise to produce Coca-Cola - a logical development because of its access to sugar and water.

Taikoo Sugar Flipbook

Taikoo Sugar is a popular household staple. The Flipbook showcases a collection of historic packaging designs and advertisements which reflect the community's priorities and marketing trends of the time.
Giant Coca-Cola Dispenser

"Coca-Cola" remains a much-loved, classic soft drink: a refreshing taste of happiness. Swire has been bottling Coca-Cola in Hong Kong for more than half a century and has introduced a wide range of still and sparkling beverages over the years. This giant dispenser offers a great photo opportunity for Coca-Cola fans.
Zone 3
"Maritime Evolution": the evolution of marine services businesses into Taikoo Dockyard, and the importance of the dockyard business to the subsequent development of the Swire group's aviation and property interests.

Diving Helmet

Underwater inspections on ships' hulls were carried out at Taikoo Dockyard by divers wearing suits that included copper and brass diving helmets like this one.
Zone 4
"Transforming Communities": the initial transformation of Quarry Bay in the 1880s, when the Taikoo Company Town was first developed, and the subsequent creation of new residential and business communities by Swire Properties.

My Swire City

In this interactive game, participants will be able to build an ideal Swire City with their own choice of buildings and facilities - enabling them to learn how to plan a thriving and sustainable neighbourhood.
Zone 5
"Building an Aviation Hub": the commitment and contribution of Cathay Pacific to developing Hong Kong as an international aviation hub.

Cathay Pacific Business Class seats

Quench your travel thirst by experiencing this Cathay Pacific Business Class seat, alongside a memorable collage of old and new aviation videos.
Zone 6
"Realising Potential": this zone is about the work of Swire Trust in supporting the local community and our commitment to the future of Hong Kong through the Swire Trust's TrustTomorrow initiative.

Magic Mirror

By standing in front of the Magic Mirror, visitors can choose their favourite career, such as a Cathay Pacific pilot or flight attendant, a HAECO aircraft mechanic or a Coca-Cola salesperson. Project your future self and find an ideal career.
Special Installation
Immersive Experience

Immersive Experience Built with 270-degree video and interactive motion-sensing technology, this interactive exhibit takes you on a unique journey that connects you with Swire.

About Swire

A highly diversified, global corporation, the Swire group's businesses encompass property, aviation, beverages and food chain, as well as marine services and trading and industrial activities. Its core businesses are mainly focused on Asia, with its key operations in Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland. The Swire group's businesses in Asia are held by the listed company, Swire Pacific Limited. For further details, please see our website .