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13 Jul 2012
Cathay Pacific Accepts Skytrax "World's Best Business Class" Award on Behalf of its Customers and its Staff

Through listening to customers and incorporating their feedback in product design, Cathay Pacific Airways was voted Thursday "World's Best Business Class" in the annual Skytrax World Airline Awards™ programme, in which more than 18 million airline passengers from across the world picked their choices.

Cathay Pacific Chief Executive John Slosar said: "This year's award becomes even more meaningful as our new Business Class is a genuine collaboration between our customers and our own team. The customers know best. This is why in designing the business class product we talked to our customers, listened to their feedback, and then incorporated those features they told us would provide them with the optimal balance of productivity, comfort, and privacy. This is a seating environment truly designed by the people who use it."

"When it comes to evaluating our products, again the customers know best. They are the users and I am delighted to hear from them that we are delivering industry-beating products and services," Mr Slosar said.

"Of course the best seat would be just a seat were it not complemented by outstanding service," he continued. "People do make an airline -- and this is not just an advertising slogan. They are the winning element that can't be easily replicated and we're fortunate that, on the ground and in the air, we have the industry's best people serving our customers."

"For us, it is a great privilege to bring this award to Hong Kong. Hong Kong is our home and our customers here deserve the best. I also think this award is a testament to the energy and ingenuity of our great city. It is a true honour for Cathay Pacific to stand on the global aviation stage and show the world what can be achieved in Hong Kong," Mr Slosar said.

"My thanks go to the many, many Cathay Pacific staff who make possible our award-winning service. And special thanks to our loyal passengers who helped us design the new cabin and those travelers everywhere who on a daily basis make it possible for us to bring the world to Hong Kong and to bring Hong Kong to the world," he added.

About Cathay Pacific New Business Class
As passengers enter the cabin, they immediately appreciate the sense of space and openness. Clean, sculpted lines define private seats with direct aisle access. Abstract patterns, richly woven fabrics, fresh-cut orchids and original artwork harmonise to create a warm, premium residential feel.

Storage Space
The instant a passenger steps into their private area, they notice the generous space available in the Side Storage, which is sufficient for handbags or laptop cases and complete with an easy-to-reach water bottle holder.

A Side Cabinet and Shoe Locker provide secure storage for small valuables and shoes. A Vanity Mirror is concealed under a flap inside the Side Cabinet door. During the flight the Side Cabinet can be fixed in the open position to double as a privacy screen.

Living Space
Settling into the contemporary wing-back chair, passengers are cocooned in their own private area which has been sculpted to maximise living space. Individual privacy is assured without compromising freedom of movement.

Direct Window View
The outboard seats are gently angled towards the windows, giving passengers a perfect view.

Seat controls
Everything passengers need to control their environment is close at hand. The Entertainment Handset operates a widescreen on-demand entertainment system. A premium-car-style Seat Controller enables passengers to adjust their seat at the touch of a button - from upright, through the relax position and into a fully flat bed.

The Bed
The bed is one of the longest and widest provided on any commercial airline, allowing passengers to sleep in any position. The foams have been ergonomically designed to optimise comfort in the sitting position and also to promote deep sleep.

A novel feature called the Bed Extension deploys automatically as the seat transforms into a bed, increasing the bed width. The Retractable Armrest can be lowered to further increase sleeping space or raised to act as a privacy screen.

Companion Travel
The centre seats are gently angled towards each other, making them perfect for those travelling with a companion. When reclined into the seat with the screen deployed, privacy is assured. However with a touch of a button the seat slides forward allowing passengers to interact with their travel companions over a central Cocktail Table.

Work and Entertainment Features
Each seat is equipped with a universal Power Supply outlet to keep electronic devices fully charged. A Multi-port Connector includes an RCA port, an iPhone/iPod connector and a USB port. The RCA and the iPhone/iPod connector allow passengers to connect their own devices and watch video through the Personal TV. The USB port can be used to charge devices such as mobile phones and BlackBerry devices.

The large Cocktail Table can be used in conjunction with the main table to allow passengers to spread out while they work. A reading light can be adjusted for brightness and angle.

Material and Finishes
The new Business Class features natural leather, brushed steel and richly woven fabrics that blend soothing green, brown and champagne tones. Abstract patterns on table tops, fresh-cut flowers and splashes of colour in storage areas provide elements of warmth.

A subtle bamboo print on the front cabin wall has lineage with reception wall in the new Hong Kong lounge, The Cabin. This provides a crisp, clean backdrop for original artwork created by Hong Kong artist Maria Lobo. Maria's unique abstract works incorporate both Western and Asian techniques, supplementing the sophisticated, international appeal of the cabin with an Asian flavour.

New Service-ware and Bedding
Cathay Pacific is also introducing a new line of Business Class service-ware featuring simple, elegantly designed white porcelain by Narumi of Japan. The appetiser plate features an abstract bamboo pattern also found on the signature plate introduced in The Deli of The Cabin. Introduced for the first time are stemless wine glasses, which allow wine to breathe more easily, along with modern stainless steel cutlery and new table linen. The iconic "pebble" salt and pepper shakers remain complement the new design perfectly.

Finally, Cathay Pacific is introducing a new range of duvets, blankets, pillows and cushions for the new cabin, all designed to maximise passenger comfort and complement the overall feel of the surroundings.

Cathay Pacific Chief Operating Officer Ivan Chu (right) and General Manager Product Alex McGowan pictured with the Skytrax award for World's Best Business Class. The airline's new Business Class cabin was a genuine collaboration between customers and the Cathay Pacific team.
Settling into the contemporary wing-back chair, passengers at the Business Class seats are cocooned in their own private area which has been sculpted to maximise living space. Individual privacy is assured without compromising freedom of movement.
The centre seats are gently angled towards each other, making them perfect for those travelling with a companion.