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03 Nov 2003
Cathay Pacific Takes Delivery of B777-300

Cathay Pacific Airways today announced it has taken delivery of the first of three new Boeing 777-300 aircraft that the airline currently has on order to operate regional services within Asia and the Middle East. It will be the twenty-first new aircraft that the airline has introduced into its fleet in the past three years. Three more aircraft on order will be delivered in coming months.

The two-class B777-300 will carry 59 Business Class and 323 Economy Class passengers. It increases the number of B777-300 aircraft in Cathay Pacific's fleet to eight.

Including this latest delivery, Cathay Pacific has in the past three years increased its investment in Hong Kong by taking delivery of 21 new aircraft: two Boeing 747-400F freighters, 11 Airbus A330-300, four Airbus A340-300, three ultra-long-range Airbus A340-600, and one B777-300.

The airline's fleet now stands at 83 aircraft. Two more new B777-300s and one A330-300 are due for delivery in coming months.

Cathay Pacific Deputy Chairman and Chief Executive David Turnbull said: "This latest aircraft delivery underlines our continued commitment to invest in Hong Kong's future and to improve upon the product and service that we offer our customers. Expanding our fleet will enable the airline to further develop its network and strengthen Hong Kong as a global aviation hub."

Cathay Pacific Airways Fleet Profile

Aircraft operated by Cathay Pacific: 83
8Boeing 777-300
5Boeing 777-200
19Boeing 747-400
5Boeing 747-400F freighter
6Boeing 747-200F freighter
15Airbus A340-300
22Airbus A330-300
3Airbus A340-600
Average age of passenger aircraft in service: 7 years
Aircraft owned but not operated by CX: 1
1Boeing 747-200F(operated by Air Hong Kong)
Number of aircraft due for delivery: 3
1Airbus A330-300(2003/04)
2Boeing 777-300(2003/04)

Aircraft deliveries since January 2001
Delivery DateAircraft Type
122 January 2001A340-300
215 February 2001A330-300
323 February 2001A330-300
430 March 2001A330-300
518 April 2001B747-400F
610 August 2001A330-300
722 August 2001B747-400F
831 August 2001A330-300
915 September 2001A340-300
1028 September 2001A330-300
1128 September 2001A340-300
1205 October 2001A330-300
1328 November 2001A330-300
1413 December 2001A340-300
1526 March 2002A330-300
1629 November 2002A340-600
1719 December 2002A340-600
1827 June 2003A340-600
1908 September 2003A330-300
2026 September 2003A330-300
2101 November 2003B777-300

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