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09 May 2002
Cathay Pacific to Create 1,300 New Jobs for Hong Kong

Cathay Pacific Airways today announced plans to create more than 1,300 new jobs for Hong Kong over the next two years as the airline increases capacity and adds six new aircraft to its fleet.

The airline will recruit new pilots and cabin crew necessary to operate three previously ordered A340-600 aircraft due for delivery later this year and early 2003, plus the three new A330-300 and three Boeing 777-300 aircraft that were ordered last month for delivery in late 2003 and early 2004.

Cathay Pacific will recruit 200 cabin crew this year and 800 more in 2003/04. Hong Kong residents will be invited to apply for these positions in advertisements placed in local newspapers on 10 and 11 May.

The airline between now and December 2003 will take on 235 new pilots both from its Hong Kong cadet training programme and a pool of qualified overseas pilots.

The airline will hire 47 overseas pilots and 31 Hong Kong cadets as junior-grade Second Officers on its passenger fleet, plus 13 First Officers to its freighter fleet by December 2002. To date, 40 overseas pilots have already accepted offers to join the airline as Second Officers - well ahead of the company's hiring schedule.

About 60 new positions for airport and office staff at Cathay Pacific's headquarters at Hong Kong International Airport will also be created in coming months.

Cathay Pacific Director Personnel William Chau said: "As the airline of Hong Kong we are demonstrating our commitment to the future of Hong Kong by contributing to a better trained and qualified workforce. We are confident that these new hires will help meet our future operational needs as the airline raises capacity and works to increase its market share when demand in the air travel market grows."

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