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18 Nov 2004
Cathay Pacific Unveils New Crew Uniform

Cathay Pacific Airways today unveiled its new-look uniform created by celebrity Hong Kong designer Eddie Lau, which will debut on the airline next Spring.

Lau's refresh of his original 1999 design, currently worn by Cathay Pacific staff and crew, has a more modern edge in reflection of changing fashions and times. Slimmer cut, the uniforms offer a younger look and are more practical.

Most of the changes are subtle yet the fabric and new cut will produce a sharper silhouette. Uniform colours for various ranks will not change, but yellow will stand out as a signature colour element common across all ranks.

Major modifications for female uniforms include a shorter jacket with vents and the skirt a little longer with cut to just above the knee. The standard white blouse will be simpler with the company's signature brush wing pattern paired down from five to two colours - yellow and red.

The female Inflight Service Managers, Airport Service Managers and Manager on Duty uniform will move to a three-piece blouse, jacket and skirt instead of the one-piece dress and long jacket allowing an easier movement.

For male uniforms, the waistcoat will acquire lapels and the trousers will be cut slimmer with just two, rather than three, pleats at the front. New ties will be simplified into plain grey, purple, blue or burgundy according to rank.

Cathay Pacific's Director Service Delivery Quince Chong said, "Cathay Pacific is committed to continuous improvement, and in these years we keep enhancing our products and services on the ground and in the air. It is our aim to ensure that we always look our best to the passengers."

Says Eddie Lau: "When Cathay Pacific approached me in February this year to do the refresh, I looked back at all the collections I did before and took different elements from each. The overall aim was to come up with something less complicated, fresher with a younger look, and better reflects the changing profile of the crew community. "

The airlines' frontline staff in Hong Kong and flight attendants will appear in the new uniforms from March next year and be adopted by all airport staff overseas by June 2005.

New-look uniform for female cabin crew and frontline staff.

New-look uniform for female Inflight Services Managers, Airport Services Manager and Manager on Duty.

New-look uniform for male cabin crew and frontline staff.

Hong Kong celebrity fashion designer Eddie Lau and Cathay Pacific's Director Service Delivery Quince Chong together with the cabin crew in the new-look uniform.

Cathay Pacific Airways
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