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24 Feb 2010
Cathay Pacific Welcomes Budget Strategy

Cathay Pacific today welcomed the strategy outlined by the Financial Secretary, Mr. John Tsang, to consolidate the recovery of Hong Kong's economy following the global financial crisis.

"The Budget adopted a balanced and robust approach towards economic recovery from the global financial crisis and introduced a number of measures to provide relief and support for various needy sectors of the community," Chief Executive Tony Tyler said.

Mr Tyler also welcomed the Government's effort to promote regional co-operation and to enhance co-operation between Hong Kong and Taiwan.

"As Hong Kong's home carrier, Cathay Pacific is committed to providing the vital support in the form of passenger and cargo services to bring Hong Kong and the region closer together," Mr Tyler said.

"We are also pleased to see the Financial Secretary's support for the further promotion of tourism, the wine trade, and the Shanghai Expo. All of these are important to Hong Kong's economy, and to our international image and reputation as Asia's world city," Mr. Tyler said.

Cathay Pacific is also pleased that the Trade Development Council will once again stage the International Wine and Spirits Fair.

"We are delighted that Cathay Pacific will again be the title sponsor of the Cathay Pacific International Wine and Spirit Competition, which is a key component of the Fair," he said.

Mr. Tyler also echoed Mr. Tsang's description of the Shanghai Expo as "golden opportunity to showcase our creativity and distinctiveness", focussing on Hong Kong's "advantages in creativity and connectivity."

As Hong Kong's home carrier, Cathay Pacific especially welcomed the connectivity theme that will be a key part of the Hong story in the Hong Kong Pavilion at Expo, Mr Tyler added. "We will wholeheartedly support Hong Kong's participation in the Shanghai Expo," he said."It's a great opportunity to show to the Mainland and the world Hong Kong's unique qualities, in particularly as an international financial, trading and tourism centre and aviation hub."