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11 Aug 2012
Dragonair Welcomes EIA Study Brief for Third Runway Option at Hong Kong International Airport

Dragonair today welcomes the Director of Environmental Protection's issuance of a Study Brief for the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of a third runway at Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA).

Dragonair Chief Executive Officer Patrick Yeung said: "This is another important milestone for this key project. Right from the start of the consultation process, we have repeatedly stressed that building a third runway is the only viable option for preserving the international hub status of our airport, and is of vital importance for the four pillar industries and the future economic development of Hong Kong. While we are fully aware of the environmental concerns, we also firmly believe that we can strike a right balance between economic development and environmental protection."

A strong proponent of a third runway at HKIA, Dragonair is of the view that further developing our Hong Kong hub is of great importance to the aviation industry and the local employment market. To take advantage of strong demand in the region, Dragonair has added six new destinations to its network in the past seven months, and will launch service to Kolkata in this winter. To cater to our growth, Dragonair targets to hire 30 pilots and 450 cabin crew this year.

Dragonair welcomes HKIA's commitment to a comprehensive and thorough EIA process and looks forward to participating as the process moves forward.

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