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19 Dec 2011
Swire Properties' Community Ambassador Programme Raises HK$1.05 Million at the Love's Team Charity Bazaar

The Love's Team Charity Bazaar, organised by Swire Properties' Community Ambassador Programme, has raised a total of HK$1,055,007. Held on Tong Chong Street in Island East on 2 and 3 December 2011, the amount at the bazaar raised includes funds donated by the Swire Group Charitable Trust in a donation-matching scheme.

A Thank You Drinks and Cheque Presentation ceremony was held to thank the Community Ambassadors and everyone involved in the event for their generous support. Martin Cubbon, Swire Properties' Chief Executive and Maisie Shun Wah, representative of the Swire Group Charitable Trust, handed over the cheque to representatives of the five NGOs who co-organised the event - Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong, The Boys' and Girls' Clubs Association of Hong Kong, SAHK, St. James' Settlement and WWF-Hong Kong. The funds raised will be used to help support the community development work of these five organisations.

"Swire Properties' Community Ambassador Programme has a unique place in the company's culture, and our 10th anniversary celebration fully captured that uniqueness. There is a genuine desire amongst our Ambassadors to give back to the community without getting anything in return; and by doing so, they influence those they have helped to aid others. This desire to give back and share sense of community is what makes the programme so special, and as it expands, we hope to continue to spread this spirit of giving and create new bonds within the community," said Martin Cubbon, Swire Properties' Chief Executive.

The Love's Team Charity Bazaar was made possible through the efforts of over 300 Community Ambassadors in Hong Kong and Mainland China, who spent the past year making products such as crocheted teddy bears, jewellery and leather bags from scratch to sell at the bazaar. The event was also generously supported by over 30 tenants and business partners, as well as numerous residents and customers who donated books and a wide range of merchandise. Over 35,000 products were on sale, and approximately 8,500 visitors took home early Christmas presents from the bazaar.

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About Swire Properties' Community Ambassador Programme

Guided by the philosophy of "Building Communities", Swire Properties established its Community Ambassador Programme in 2001. The programme seeks to help the elderly, the disabled, children and disadvantaged families in the community.

Led by the employees themselves, the programme is an ever-growing network of employees, their families and friends, business partners, tenants, customers and subsidiary companies of Swire. The Company's employees design and organise all of the programme's activities and contribute their skills, professional expertise and resources to support those in need.

Over the past 10 years, the Community Ambassador team has grown from 40 to over 1,000 Ambassadors, who have contributed over 45,000 service hours and participated in over 400 activities to benefit more than 50,000 people in the community.

Martin Cubbon (third left), Swire Properties' Chief Executive, and Maisie Shun Wah (second left), representative of the Swire Group Charitable Trust, handed over the cheque to (from far right to fourth right) Alicia Yeh, Director, Development of World Wide Fund-Hong Kong, C. F. Fong, Chief Executive Officer of SAHK, Eva Ho, Assistant Director of The Boys' & Girls' Clubs Association of Hong Kong, and Olivia Leung, Vice-chairperson of Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong; and Josephine Lee (first left), Assistant Chief Executive Officer of St. James' Settlement.