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08 Sep 2011
Swire Properties Introduces Legendary Architect Frank Gehry to Hong Kong

The first ever exhibition in Hong Kong showcasing the work of the acclaimed architect, Frank Gehry, opens tomorrow at ArtisTree in TaiKoo Place, Hong Kong.

'Outside the Box | Frank Gehry' is an inspiring tribute to the creativity of Frank Gehry, whose extraordinary contributions to the fields of architecture and design have earned him several of the world's most significant awards and accolades, including the coveted Pritzker Prize.

The exhibition presents the architect's models and distinctive sketches from a wide variety of projects spanning his distinguished career, including his most celebrated buildings, the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain - which is often cited as the most important work of architecture since 1980 - and the Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown Los Angeles.

"Swire Properties is delighted to introduce the work of this inspiring architect to Hong Kong for the first time," said Martin Cubbon, Chief Executive of Swire Properties. "The exhibition pays tribute to his remarkable ingenuity and creativity, qualities which we greatly admire and want to share with the community."

The exhibition also unveils the creative process and the final design model behind Gehry's first residential project in Asia, named OPUS HONG KONG, which is nearing completion at 53 Stubbs Road, The Peak.

"OPUS HONG KONG is very special to us - the site has been in the Swire family for over 60 years and occupies an exceptionally rare and spectacular location. We are delighted to have been able to engage Frank Gehry to design this exciting project for us, and we are privileged that this is his first residential building in Asia," said Cubbon.

"Working with Swire has been a great experience - they are very well educated to the issue of creative spirit in architecture," said Frank Gehry. "I'm thrilled to share the design journey of this special project with the people of Hong Kong, and I sincerely hope that they will be inspired by what they see at the exhibition and excited for this new addition to their extraordinary city."

Frank Gehry is known for pushing the boundaries with his uniquely designed buildings, which break through the rigid constraints of traditional architecture in their use of unconventional materials and structures.

The design of OPUS HONG KONG draws its inspiration from the breathtaking scenery surrounding the site. "I thought a building in such a beautiful natural spot should have an organic feel to it," said Gehry. Finely tuned glass-enclosed columns form the structure, twisting up around the building like reeds swaying in the breeze. Inside, the open-plan apartments flow around a central core, enclosed by a sinuous glass facade and fringed by a series of balconies conceived as 'boat decks'. The delicacy of the building contrasts with its base, an array of artfully stacked stone planter boxes that act as a counterpoint to the lush green surroundings of the site.

"OPUS HONG KONG will be a remarkable addition to Hong Kong's skyline and to Gehry's inspiring body of work," said Cubbon.

'Outside the Box | Frank Gehry' ( will be open to the public from 9 September to 27 October from 10 am - 8 pm daily.

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The Swire Group purchased the 53 Stubbs Road site in the 1940s, and built the first residence of the Group Director. The site enjoys sweeping views over Victoria Harbour and will be developed into a single, 12-storey residential building with ten single-storey apartments and two double-level garden apartments ranging from 6,000 - 6,900 sq ft in size(approximately 560 - 640 sqm) . Completion is targeted for first quarter of 2012. This will be Gehry's first residential building in Asia.

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'Outside the Box | Frank Gehry' Exhibition pays tribute to one of the world's most
influential architects from 9 September - 27 October, at ArtisTree, TaiKoo Place, Island East