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28 Nov 2022
ZHANGYUAN – integrating luxury goods and art

Swire Properties and Shanghai Jing’an Real Estate (Group) Co., Ltd. (“Jing’an Real Estate”) have opened ZHANGYUAN West Zone – a unique cultural and high-end lifestyle destination in the heart of Shanghai. The project brings together Swire Properties’ expertise in commercial planning, property leasing and management and Jing’an Real Estate’s extensive experience in the protection and rejuvenation of historic buildings. ZHANGYUAN is the most complete Shikumen heritage building complex in Shanghai, consisting of over 40 historic buildings – including Western style garden villas as well as traditional Chinese styles. Adopting an innovative approach to renovation, Swire Properties and Jing’an Real Estate have sensitively blended the protection of historical features with organic urban regeneration to repurpose ZHANGYUAN as a “first urban public space”, where Shanghai citizens can work, relax, shop and be entertained.

Swire Properties has introduced a host of leading international brands to the area, including three major luxury groups, LVMH, Richemont and Kering, and will be presenting a diverse range of events, exhibitions and arts and cultural activities, to establish the first urban regeneration commercial community in China that integrates luxury goods and art.