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08 Feb 2001
Swire Properties debuts "good2me" - Service Enhancements for Shoppers

Swire Properties Ltd, which manages some of Hong Kong's most popular shopping centres, announces today the soft launch of good2me, a series of online and in-mall services and customer loyalty initiatives that aims to enhance the company's mall business.

Mr Keith Kerr, Managing Director of Swire Properties, said, "Our three major malls - Pacific Place, Cityplaza, and Festival Walk - continue to gain market share. Today's launch of our new good2me services signals our intention to maintain that leadership position, using the power of the Internet and wireless technologies to enhance our core business by offering value-added services to our shoppers and retail tenants."

"This will increase traffic and encourage shoppers' loyalty, representing more business for our tenants. This, in turn, will translate into extra income for Swire Properties as part of the turnover rent," Mr. Kerr added.

Partnering with the three malls' tenants, good2me's platform is an interactive window display of tenants' products. Over 100 tenants have already signed up to bring the new experience to their shoppers. In addition to browsing, shoppers who register online as members will also be able to "live chat" with "Michelle", their virtual shopping connoisseur in mid-2001 to obtain instant shopping suggestions and gift recommendations.

Throughout the year, good2me will offer in phases, innovative online tools and services that will help drive traffic to Swire Properties' retail portfolio. The first to be launched will be a convenient online reservation function that allows a member to reserve an item prior to visiting the store.

Through the good2me platform, Swire Properties will manage and market its own loyalty programmes that will help generate more spending at its malls. Exclusive in-mall concierge services will be introduced to loyal members who have attained the required spending.

To further strengthen the integration of online and offline experience, a wireless strategy is in place with Hutchison Telecom and PCCW Mobility Services. good2me will introduce personalised contents, promotional messages, selective WAP-enabled site features, reminder messages, and booking service for members through wireless communication.

State-of-the-art interactive kiosks will be strategically installed in the malls to act as "concierge" terminals, empowering the shoppers with shopping intelligence and access to useful services.

Ms Sandy Fok, Senior Manager of good2me, said, "This initiative is not about virtual retailing. This is a test bed for us to really gauge how customers want to be empowered by modern technology in the world of shopping."

good2me plans to launch a full scale membership drive in the second quarter of this year when roadshows will be held in the malls to introduce this new service to shoppers. Ms Fok added, "The whole initiative is a long term commitment and an ongoing effort to offer value added services to both our shoppers and tenants. Features and functionalities will be introduced in phases. For this soft launch period, we will be working closely with our business partners and retailers, and monitoring feedback from members to refine the site and service features."

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