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29 Sep 2010
Swire Properties Invests in Electric Vehicles to Reduce Carbon Footprint

Swire Properties Limited has confirmed the purchase of two new Nissan LEAF electric vehicles for its transport fleet as one of the developer's initiatives to reduce its carbon footprint and develop environmentally friendly business practices. The company sent representative to test-drive the LEAF at Nissan's headquarters in Yokohama, Japan.

The two new electric vehicles will replace the vehicles in the Company's existing fleet. The measure will lead to a 70% reduction per vehicle in greenhouse gas emissions and cleaner roadside air quality with zero tailpipe emissions in comparison with the equivalent petrol cars.

Cary Chan, Head of Technical Services and Sustainability Department, said: "As a leading property developer and one of Hong Kong's major corporations, we aim to add value to society in an economically, environmentally and socially responsible way. We recognise that we can make a significant difference by minimising our carbon footprint and influencing our stakeholders to do the same. Replacing some of our existing vehicles with electric cars lets us reduce our environmental impact in a visible way, which we hope will encourage others to follow suit."

In addition to being one of the first property developers in Hong Kong to acquire electric vehicles for its operations, Swire Properties has also installed a total of eight electric vehicles charging facilities in its shopping mall carparks, including Pacific Place, Cityplaza, Festival Walk and Citygate Outlets.

"Promoting sustainability has always been one of our key aims. Building on the success of our work in launching electric vehicles charging stations in our malls, we decided to invest in the green technology of electric vehicles for our corporate transport. We hope that this decision will also encourage others to support the Hong Kong government's plans to promote the use of electric vehicles throughout the territory," Chan added.

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In Mainland China, Swire Properties has an investment portfolio amounting to over 10.8 million sq ft (over 1 million sqm)*, the majority of which is under construction. The four projects consist of mixed-use developments in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, with Sanlitun Village and The Opposite House hotel in Beijing being the best-known among them.

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* Gross floor area in respect of 100% of the investment properties excluding car park areas and not on an attributable basis.