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17 May 2001
Swire Properties Takes an Innovative Step in Building Management

Swire Properties Limited is pleased to announce its sponsorship of an innovative technique which will provide efficient repair and maintenance to the company's office buildings. Developed by the Smart Asset Management Research Laboratory, at the City University of Hong Kong, the innovation is in keeping with the company's continuous efforts to improve both technological and environmental measures that enable tenants to enjoy better services and a more comfortable working environment.

The scheme will be introduced with a demonstration project at one of the office buildings of Swire Properties. It will allow for monitoring of the rolling elements of the air conditioning plant, using an electronic stethoscope (or electronic ear). The company can thereby detect symptoms of a possible failure and plan for more efficient repair and scheduling of maintenance activities and resources at an earlier stage. Management operations will benefit through minimal unnecessary abrupt breakdowns and elimination of unplanned maintenance activities.

Reliable building operation is high on the company's priorities. Swire Properties believes that nowadays effective plant and machinery maintenance should not only rely on periodic inspections or condition-based maintenance functions. These can be complemented by early detection techniques and diagnosis of symptoms, through Internet/Intranet based remote monitoring.

Swire Properties proposes to extend this technique to other buildings wherever possible and applicable. Its investment portfolio of prime office, retail and residential properties in Hong Kong totals 11.9 million square feet of gross floor area, with a further 2.0 million square feet, principally of office space, lining up on schedule.

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