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30 May 2023
Meet Amy Yiu from Swire Management Programme

Throughout my experience at Swire, I have worked closely with and learnt a tremendous amount from my teams, senior business leaders and mentors from across operating companies at Swire. Their guidance, experience sharing, insights and vision continues to inspire me.

The early responsibility and exposure across various business functions and locations has helped me grow personally and professionally. Over the first few years in my career, I have worked in various business units such as retail portfolio management, office portfolio management, residential sales, development & valuations on projects in Hong Kong SAR, Beijing, Singapore, Jakarta and other parts of the world.

Amy is currently Senior Manager, Portfolio at Swire Properties.

In 2014, I was seconded to the Portfolio Management team at Taikoo Li Sanlitun in Beijing and was responsible for the asset management of part of the portfolio.  I led lease negotiations with multinational retail brands and worked with a number of brands to open their first stores in Beijing. Not only did this contribute to the company’s bottom-line, it also helped to drive creative transformation. This is equally important as it is part of the placemaking process – Swire’s development philosophy is to transform places to support local communities and enhance people’s lives in the long run. This experience gave me a strong sense of purpose and fulfilment as I was there to witness our hard work come into fruition. 

In 2020, I took up the role of Senior Marketing & Promotions Manager at Pacific Place. The pandemic outbreak worldwide has sent shockwaves through the retail industry and accelerated various retail trends. This change in the retail landscape has called for agility and innovation in our approach to the shopping experience. We have been leveraging on digital technology in our strategy to enhance our customer experience – this includes making use of AR technology in onsite activations to create an immersive experience for customers. We revamped our mobile application to enhance the user experience and utilised the company’s digital shopping voucher platform as part of our online-to-offline strategy. With the company’s emphasis on digital transformation, we will continue to seek and adopt new digital solutions that are in line with the business strategy, and drive changes that make a positive impact on people’s lives.

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