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14 Dec 2006
Dragonair - Cargo Records Year-On-Year Rise for Four Consecutive Months

Dragonair posted a year-on-year rise in cargo in November, continuing the upward trend that began in August. Volume was up 7.8% compared with the same month last year. Meanwhile, a total of 447,938 passengers flew with the airline in November, little change from the number in 2005.

"There was a slight decrease in leisure travel in November, due to traditional factors," said Dragonair CEO Kenny Tang. "However, traffic to and from destinations in the China Mainland remained strong, with the growth recorded on secondary routes particularly impressive.

"Overall numbers are expected to rise again in December given that it is one of the busiest months for travel in the year. It should be helped by the introduction of a daily service to Phuket on December 15."

The 38,318 tonnes of cargo carried in November, meanwhile, also represented a 7.4% increase month-on-month.

"Cargo had an excellent month in November, with continued growth momentum from the China Mainland market," Mr Tang said. "Shipments were particularly strong from Shanghai and Xiamen.

"We also added three extra freighter flights to New York to meet the traditional surge in demand ahead of the end of the year. In addition, we operated six charter flights to fly a record 600 tonnes of Beaujolais Nouveau wine from Amsterdam and Frankfurt to Japan and Taiwan.

"We expect the strong demand to continue in December and in 2007, which is why we shall be adding two more freighter flights a week to Shanghai from January 1, taking the number of flights each week to 17."

Dragonair is a Hong Kong-based airline operating a fleet of 28 passenger aircraft to 28 regional destinations, including 21 cities in the China Mainland, and seven freighters to nine ports worldwide. Dragonair is part of the Cathay Pacific Group, providing seamless connectivity for passengers to over 100 cities around the globe.

  Nov 2006 Nov 2005 % change
Revenue Passengers Carried 447,938 448,682 (0.2)
Cargo Carried (tonne) 38,318 35,529 7.8
Available Tonne Kilometre (ATK)('000) 279,412 259,708 7.6
Available Seat Kilometre (ASK) ('000) 872,508 847,898 2.9

Revenue Passenger Kilometre (RPK)('000)

574,221 570,785 0.6
Cargo and Mail Tonne Kilometre (CTK) ('000) 147,381 137,657 7.1
Number of flights 3,345 3,416 (2.1)

  Jan - Nov 2006 Jan - Nov 2005 % change
Revenue Passengers Carried 5,145,472 4,708,003 9.3
Cargo Carried (tonne) 360,575 348,534 3.5
Available Tonne Kilometre (ATK)('000) 2,809,428 2,631,995 6.7
Available Seat Kilometre (ASK) ('000) 9,719,714 9,177,204 5.9

Revenue Passenger Kilometre (RPK)('000)

6,628,498 6,065,765 9.3
Cargo and Mail Tonne Kilometre (CTK) ('000) 1,378,944 1,269,351 8.6
Number of flights 37,391 36,648 2.0

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